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Best Artist Website Templates of 2024 | 30 Instant Downloads

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Are you looking for the best artist website templates of 2024? I’ve  got you covered! 😄

After months of thinking, planning, and discussing the moment is finally there. It’s time to build an artist’s website.

Many people invest TONS of money to build the perfect artist website. But I’ve got a better idea for you. Use what’s already out there.

Use a pre-made artist website template and customize it to your preferences. Are you ready to start your adventure?

Let’s dive into the best artist website templates of 2024🎉

If you decide to purchase a tool I recommend, I earn a small commission from them at NO extra cost to you. Nice!

PS: Looking for a free artist website template? Or a free artist theme in 2024? I’ve got you covered!

30 best artist website templates of 2024

1. Kay Vans Hans Template

This template is stunningly designed! I’m impressed by how the designer expertly integrates visually appealing features with clear call-to-action buttons and an enthralling biography above the fold. Overall, this design is stylish and well worth your effort. Excellent work!

What we love about this template

  • Modern and sleek in appearance
  • Beautiful boldface 
  • Interesting biography layout 

2. Louis Template

This cutting-edge layout offers you a stunning platform to exhibit your one-of-a-kind style and works of art. You may easily showcase your prior work and add personal touches in the blank sections given. Find it appealing? Transform it into something you can use by making some changes right now.

What we love about this template

  • Eye-catching layout
  • Appealing color scheme
  • Lots of space for your art 

3. Adam Grey Template

This template is professionally developed while still retaining the contemporary and beautiful mood prevalent in casual websites. When you visit this one, you will notice the appealing background images, immediately recognized call-to-action buttons, and carefully positioned whitespaces. Amazing! 

What we love about this template

  • Accessible and well-designed
  • Fresh and contemporary 
  • Lots of whitespaces 

4. Rei Hiromi Template

This template is highly outstanding, demonstrating authenticity, power, and creativity! Because of its color palette, appealing photographs, and text placement, this one is a superb example of traditional and uncomplicated web design. If you’re seeking ideas in these areas, use this one!

What we love about this template

  • Well-made template layout
  • Colorful palette 
  • Great text placement

5. Agatha Template

In every way, this template screams professionalism. Even though it is basic, you will love looking at it because of the color scheme, which is attractive and easy on the eyes. The designer used white space efficiently, resulting in a clean and visually pleasing appearance.

What we love about this template

  • Excellent video layout
  • Accessible and functional 
  • Lots of whitespaces 

6. Elias Cole Template

This template is clearly lovely! The designer gave considerable thought to the use of visual media, call-to-action buttons, and visual styles. In addition, everything is neatly formatted so that you can quickly find the details you need. What a brilliant blend of resourcefulness and originality!

What we love about this  template

  • Perfect for art presentation
  • Eye-catching layout 
  • Well-formatted content 

7. Urban Adventures Template

The template of Urban Adventures has an engaging design style that I am convinced you will appreciate. The designer made certain that the interface was visually appealing and artistically acceptable, packed with amazing background images. In general, this is a good result! 

What we love about this template

  • Can help you showcase your art easily
  • WordPress compatible, easy to customize
  • High-quality images 

8. Carr Template

I have no concerns about recommending this aesthetic temple to you because of its cutting-edge design and exceptional appearance. This layout works wonderfully for any artist. You can easily update, promote, and disseminate your work with the help of the Wix!

What we love about this template

  • Exceptional appearance
  • Excellent layout 
  • Cutting-edge design 

9. Mayer Template

This beautiful layout template has all the styles, layouts, and tools you need for your art website. Its sleek and bright design gives you everything you need to show off your work and impress potential customers. Enjoy the high-quality pictures that you can use for anything you want! 

What we love about this template

  • A great way to emphasize skills and experiences
  • Slick and colorful design 
  • Aesthetic feels 

10. Cash Template

This template looks really nice! I love the design and color choices. The website’s vibe is super chill and relaxing, like being on a fluffy cloud! Also, the designers made sure that the interface looks good and is super easy to use!

What we love about this template

  • Creative design choices
  • Vibrant color scheme that attracts the eye 
  • Uder-friendly interface 

11. Neola Holden Template

Neola Holden’s aesthetics are always on point. The designer totally nailed it with the cool text and forms in all the right places. People will totally love visiting your future art site because it’s so simple and clear. It’s like, the best! I suggest giving it a go! 

What we love about this template

  • Professional-looking
  • It has all the features to promote yourself professionally 
  • Straightforward design 

12. Darius Antonov Template

This template features a neutral color design that will entice you to browse for a long time. As you scroll down, you’ll find that the pages are beautifully arranged, making for a pleasant browsing experience.  This website is designed to be easy to read, so feel free to visit it!

What we love about this template

  • All-inclusive template
  • Refreshing color scheme 
  • Pages are beautifully arranged 

13. Andy Decker Template

Using this aesthetic Decker template, you may promote your artist profession. Thanks to the straightforward design, you’ll have fewer issues and be up and running more quickly. In addition, the modern font style will pique the interest of your readers. To self-publish, you must edit the content and photos and create new covers.

What we love about this template

  • Sleek and contemporary design
  • Modern font style 
  • User-friendly interface 

14. Kayla Griffith Template

This template’s soothing color scheme will keep you on the site for quite some time. As you continue reading, you’ll see that the pages are elegantly laid out and a pleasure to peruse. Feel free to check out this user-friendly website. What are you waiting for? 

What we love about this template

  • Dark, classy template
  • Great for promoting art creation
  • Designed to be easy to read 

15. Clark Template

For those aiming to accomplish their desired art goals, take a look at this impressive Clark template! The designer absolutely aced it with its incredible appearance, trendy arrangement, and polished typography. It ended up being fantastic!

What we love about this template

  • Beautiful, aesthetic appearance
  • Wonderful layout 
  • Aesthetic typeface 

16. Remo Template

You may amaze potential clients and employers with your amazing art projects by using this attractive template. The pages are visually appealing, and there are sections of the site dedicated to bios, etc. What more could one ask for? Making a website, no matter what kind of writer you are, has never been easier.

What we love about this template

  • Easy to edit
  • Has areas of the site specifically for biographies
  • Professional to look at 

17. Odam Luiran Template

To prove how amazing you are, you ought to check out this great Wix template! The pages are so lively because of the awesome color scheme. As you keep scrolling, you’ll totally love the cool layout because you can read every little detail without feeling confused.

What we love about this template

  • Stunning image placement
  • High-quality images 
  • Adorable font style 

18. Pieces Template

If you enjoy webpages with stunning visual imagery, attractive color combinations, and elegant typography, this template is well worth your time. You will undoubtedly love skimming through this one because it has simple navigation, allowing users to browse smoothly. 

What we love about this template

  • Enticing to look at 
  • WordPress compatible, easy to customize
  • Creative image placement 

19. Art School Template

You’ve got to check out this Art School template! It’s an absolute feast for the eyes with its jaw-dropping aesthetic, trendy font style,  and vibrant color palette. Prepare to be blown away! If you’re a fan of those three, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride! 

What we love about this template

  • Colorful design
  • Perfect for large images 
  • Trendy font style

20. Nespola Template

Want to make a big impression with your awesome artworks? Check out this super cool, eye-catching template design! Wix’s orange color palette will totally give your art website a positive, upbeat vibe, which is exactly what you want! Give it a shot now!

What we love about this  template

  • Bold and bright template
  • Upbeat vibe 
  • Eye-catching, vibrant colors 

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