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Where to Find Free Website Templates Online: A Comprehensive Guide

As a beginner in online business, I know you have many questions when it comes to starting your website. But do not worry, because I will give you a comprehensive guide on where to find free website templates online.

We have discussed a lot of topics about website templates here on My Codeless Website, and I know by now that you’ve learned a lot from it, especially if you are a beginner in business and you want to make a great online presence.

Free website templates are an excellent place to start, but often customization is needed to fit the design with your branding and particular needs. You need to look at the customization choices for each template, including the typefaces, color schemes, layout changes, and content alterations.

But if you are new here on our website, here are some articles that might be helpful if you are still exploring the wonders of website templates. You can read the following to learn more:

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Now that I have given you an article that definitely broadened your knowledge of website templates, let us now jump to the part wherein I give you examples of where to find website templates online.

free website templates

Where to find free website templates online?

These days, using website templates is the finest and quickest approach to creating a new website.

We all know that the internet is like a buffet that has it all, and website templates are one of their dishes that serves a lot of variety. But the real question is, where do you find one that will match your branding well?

Here are websites online that you can visit to choose a website template of your liking.

My Codeless Website

Of course, first on our list will be our one and only website. Here at MCW, we offer a variety of templates that will cater to the needs of your brand. Name it, and we will give it to you. Just visit the website templates part of the website, and then you can now see the list of templates that we have for free. 

On our list, we also give examples you can get from other websites since we have partnerships with them to promote each other. Make sure to take a look at their examples too. 


BootstrapMade provides 100% free, stunning, and useful website templates with a sleek and contemporary design. Each template has outstanding features and is entirely responsive, making it perfect for any kind of business.

Bootstrap is one of the most well-known and user-friendly HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks. The most recent Bootstrap version was used to create all of their templates. Each time they launch a new Bootstrap version, they update and improve their templates.


Canva is an effective design tool that can be used in schools to produce projects that not only impress kids but also assist in teaching them the basic principles of digital design. With the help of this free tool, students and teachers may work on photo editing, design layout, and other tasks on a user-friendly interface.

Even if they are mainly made for education, they still have website templates that can help students and teachers build their portfolios online. This helps to lessen the hassle of making a website since, with just one click and some editing, you now have a beautiful website with the help of Canva.


They listed WordPress themes and plugins on ThemeForest. It provides a huge selection of well-made, adored themes and plugins to make it simpler to use WordPress to create websites. Users of ThemeForest’s themes and plugins can also access help and resources from the company.

ThemeForest is a part of Envato Market. They added a buyer fee to the overall price of each item, which is determined by its complexity, quality, and intended usage.


WiX is a free software toolset that creates Windows Installer packages from XML. To create MSI and MSM packages, developers can incorporate them into their development processes through a command-line environment.

To build your amazing website, select a free Most Popular website template. Drag and drop allows for complete customization of every template.

A selection of free HTML5 bootstrap templates for professionals, designers, developers, and entrepreneurs is available at 

This website provides stunning templates that are completely free, totally responsive, and have a clean, simple layout that is perfect for new or developing enterprises. Corporate, personal, portfolio, fitness, blogs, photography, restaurants, hotels, real estate, travel agencies, and many other types of templates are available.


In its collection, Free CSS has 3495 free website templates that were created using HTML and CSS. The HTML website templates that are featured on are among the best available online.

Before selecting a free website template, keep in mind to read the licensing terms of the templates you are considering. Be careful not to run into extra issues because certain templates may have limitations on commercial use or need acknowledgment from the original developer.


These are just some websites that you can visit online to find the website template that you are looking for. As you continue the search for the perfect website template, I know you will find a better option if these examples do not have what you are looking for.

Website templates are frequently grouped based on website kinds or industries, so if you are looking for a specific template, make sure to be direct in order to get the results that you want. May it be an e-commerce template, a portfolio, or a blog, every website mentioned above has it all for sure.

You just need to be patient, and it will reward you with the most perfect free website template for your website.


Is a free website template safe to use?

Although using free website designs can be safe, it’s essential to be aware of any potential risks. Free templates might have security flaws or harmful code that could damage your website or steal confidential data. It is advised that you look up the template’s designer and check user reviews to make sure a free template is secure to use.

Can I alter a free website template to fit my brand?

Of course, it can. But since it is free, you can only modify certain elements, so if you are not satisfied with the outcome of the template, the paid website template or customized website template is still the best option for you.

What are some limitations to using a free website template?

Free templates are more affordable than paid options, but they could have some drawbacks as well. Fewer design possibilities, limited support, or branding from the template source are a few examples of these restrictions. So, before selecting a free template for a website, it is crucial to consider thoroughly the features, support, and licensing terms of the template.