Are you looking for the best webdesign tools of 2019? Or do you want tools which will help your first website?

Perhaps you already have a website, and you’re just looking for tools to improve your current design.

You came to the right place.

See, people invest a lot of money in the perfect webdesign.

They hire the best designers and the best developers. Although that definitely is a great strategy, I have a better one for you.

Have a look at these awesome webdesign tools – enjoy! If you decide to purchase a paid version of one of these tools, I might receive a small commission to sustain my blog – at no additional cost to you.

PS: At the bottom of this article you’ll find 6 tips to design the perfect  website. 👇

Divi Website Builder

The Divi website builder allows you to build websites using a drag & drop builder. The real-time builder makes building websites fun and easy!

✅ Cheap website builder
🖥 Unlimited websites
⏰ No monthly subscription 

Wix Website Builder

The Wix builder allows you to design website without using a single line of code. Their website builder is great for webdesign beginners. Junior school kids should literally be able to build their own website through Wix.

✅ Super easy to use
🖥 Good support
⏰ Quick setup

Lead Pages – Salespage Builder

Leadpages is known for its high conversion rates. With their templates – focused on converting visitors into buyers – you’ll have a good shot of attracing new clients for your business.

✅ High conversion rates
🖥 Easy to use
⏰ Quick setup

WPX – Website Hosting

If you have a WordPress website you’ll want to make sure your website is fast and protected. WPX hosting focuses on just that – for WordPress websites. I’ve hosted many websites with them, and have used their chat support a lot when I just started webdesigning.

✅ 24/7 Chat support which replies within 60 seconds
🖥 Free migration, free domain, free SSL
⏰ One click WordPress installation

Bluehost – Website Hosting

Bluehost is known for it’s cheap hosting plans and great support. Although most of my websites are hosted at WPX Hosting the reviews of Bluehost are great!

✅ 24/7 Chat support 
🖥 Cheap
⏰ One click WordPress installation

Fiverr – hire cheap designers

Fiverr is an online market place which allows you to hire designers for your logo, website, or basically anything. With many gigs starting at $5 you’ll be sure that your design is going to be cheap. However, please check out the reviews before your decide to hire somebody.

✅ Great designers
🖥 Cheap
⏰ Great when you want help with logo design, website design or content writing

WPML – translate your website

If you want your website to be multilangual, WPML is the place to be. I’ve used it for multiplte website and this tool works like a charm. This tool even allows you to auto redirect a visitor to the right language based on their browser settings – that’s what I call a great user experience.

✅ Great translation tool
🖥 Allows you to translate your website fast
⏰ Great support desk

Active Campaign – Smart email marketing

>99% of your visitors leave your website without buying. But what if you would be able to collect their emailaddress and send them targeted promotions and offers, based on what pages they visit in your website? Active Campaign allows you to do just that.

✅ Hyper intelligent email marketing software
🖥 Tracks email opens and email clicks
⏰ Allows you to send automated emails based on page views

Coolors – Color scheme generator

When creating a webdesign, you need to make sure you’re design makes sense. That the color add up.

Coolors helps you just do that – it generates matching colors which will improve your design within 60 seconds.

✅ Free tool
🖥 Create a color palette in 60 seconds
⏰ Improves your design with little effort

Unsplash – Royalty free stock images

When designing a website you’re going to need great pictures. Pictures which won’t bring you into legal problems if you publish them on your website innocent

✅ Free pictures
🖥 High quality photography
⏰ Royalty free

Pexels – Royalty free stock images II

Just like Unsplash, Pexels provides you with free, royalty free pictures. Combine these 2 databases and the possibilities are endless.

When designing a website you’re going to need great pictures. Pictures which won’t bring you into legal problems if you publish them on your website innocent

✅ Free pictures
🖥 High quality photography
⏰ Royalty free

Step 0: Get a domain

A) Discover if your favourite url is still available here.

B) Create an account with Bluehost and receive a free SSL certificate + free domain name

Tip: They have a temporary 50% discount on the monthly plan on this page


C) Here’s how you get started:

  1. Pick a domain name

Figure out a cool name for your website.

  1. Pick a hosting plan

I’d recommend starting with the cheapest package. It will give you a free domain and free SSL – at no extra costs!

  1. Install WordPress

Once you have your hosting plan, you can install WordPress with 1 click.

View all available domain names

Step 1: Get inspired

A) Analyze the best web designs of 2019
B) Make notes of what you like - and what you don’t like

C) Use a theme which matches your style

3 example themes I love (click image to open)

Website Theme Examples

View all available themes

Don't like using themes or premade layouts? That's fine, skip to step 2: page building.


Step 2: Page building

A) Decide if you want to build from scratch or use a premade layout (theme).

Build A Divi Theme Website

B) Start building using this drag and drop website builder.

It allows you to build a website using a drag and drop website builder. It’s easy and very intuitive – even people with zero web design skills will have an easy time creating something cool.

A few reasons why I use this tool for all of my websites:

  • Easy drag and drop website builder
  • Real time design
  • Fully mobile responsive
  • Easy to adjust templates

C) Check out the page builder yourself.

Step 3: Add mindblowing images

A good looking website should include good looking images.

That comes with a warning!

Don’t simply download images from Google. I’ve had friends who did this, and got fined a few months later. Make sure your images are royalty free.

Here are a few sources for high quality royalty free images:

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