Best Startup Website Templates – 46 Instant Downloads 🚀


Are you looking for the best startup website templates of 2024? I got you covered! 😄

After months of thinking, planning and discussing the moment is finally there. It’s time to build the website of your startup.

See, many startups invest TONS of money to build the perfect website. But I’ve got a better idea for you. Use what’s already out there.

Use a pre-made startup template and customize it to your own preferences. Are you ready to start your adventure?

Let’s dive in the best startup website templates of 2024 🎉

If you decide to use a template I recommend, I earn a small commission from them at NO costs to you. Nice!

Powerful Startup Website Templates

Divi for Business

  • Amazing abstract shapes
  • WordPress compatible, easy to customize

Digital Payments

  • Great signup pages
  • Nice call to action buttons

Full Service Marketing

  • Great color scheme
  • Nice overlays


  • Great graphics
  • Mysterious design

Tea for two

  • Fresh and clean
  • Great for ecommerce

Software Marketing

  • Perfect for tech startups
  • Nice graphics

Online Store

  • Great for ecommerce
  • Clear site structure

Mortgage Broker

  • Abstract design with a professional look
  • Nice shapes

Air & Heating

  • Clean and bold design
  • Great typography


  • Great for digital products
  • Nice call to action buttons

Digital Products

  • Great for showcasing digital products
  • High conversion rate

Yoga Studio

  • Great for modern startups
  • Clean design

Travel Agency

  • Powerful design
  • Very clean and minimal


  • Nice color scheme
  • Fun shapes throughout this template


  • Perfect for SAAS startups
  • Clean web design


  • Very unique web design
  • Nice color scheme

Interior Design

  • Great for showcasing product images
  • Nice shapes

SEO Agency

  • Nice optin forms
  • Awesome shapes and colors

Free Powerful Startup Website Templates


  • Great to explain your startup concept
  • Nice color scheme


  • Nice call to action with a powerful ghost button
  • Great opportunity for inspiring background images


  • Nice call to action buttons
  • Great for shopping


  • Powerful background
  • Nice shapes


  • Great for startup apps
  • Super clean startup template

Shop Isle

  • Great for ecommerce
  • Clean web design

One Page Express

  • Great for one pagrs
  • Nice menu structure


  • Powerful background image
  • Nice call to action button above the fold


  • Nice CTA + ghost button
  • Nice color scheme


  • Amazing color scheme
  • Nice typography


  • Powerful tempate
  • Dark and luxiurious vibe


  • Lots of whitespace
  • Great for showcasing images


  • Great for ecommerce
  • Clean design

Popularis Hub

  • Nice shapes
  • Playful web design


  • Clean design
  • Great call to action buttons


  • Great for salespage
  • Conversion focused web design

Ecommerce Gem

  • Great for ecommerce
  • Nice color scheme

Travel Agency

  • Nice if you have multiple products
  • Great search feature

Blossom Fashion

  • Clean design
  • Great for showcasing products


  • Nice parralex theme
  • Super clean web design

Envo Business

  • Great business template
  • Nice color scheme

Blossom Mommy

Fashion Stylist

  • Clean web design
  • Great template for startups

Blossom Pinthis

  • Nice carroussel on template
  • Clean website template


  • Nice typography
  • Nice menu design

Startup WP

  • Nice double call to action
  • Great color scheme

Life Coach

  • Awesome call to action form
  • Great menu structure


  • Very unique web design
  • Lots of whitespace

How to get a free startup template?

Many of the templates you found on this page can be downloaded for free if you’re a Divi member.

How do I download a free website templates?

View the templates on this page, register a  a Divi account and download the template for free.

Startup template or build from scratch?

I’d recommend to use a customisable template such as Divi to get the best of both worlds. You’ll be able to build a fully custom website in hours.

Will my visitors know I used a startup template?

No. Your visitors will only be able to tell you used the Divi builder. They will never find out you used a template.

How do I publish a startup template?

Get a free domain with a one click WordPress installation. Afer you installed WordPress you can install your theme with two simple clicks.