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Marketing Agency Statistics 2022 – 17 Key Figures You Must Know

Are you looking for Marketing Agency Statistics? 

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Let’s dive into some actual key figures and facts about Marketing Agency Statistics.

1. Marketing agencies have a net profit margin that ranges between 6.0 and 12.0%. 

2. As of 2022, there are 6,139 digital marketing agency businesses in the United States. 

3. A marketing agency typically values 5X to 10X of its annual revenues.

4. A market agency can have 10-20 active clients. 

10-20 is the ideal client count for agencies

5. There are over 7000 marketing agencies worldwide. 

6. There are 2252 digital advertising agencies in the United States. 

7. There are 85 digital advertising agencies in the United Kingdom. 

8. There are 60 digital advertising agencies in Canada. 

9. There are 98 digital advertising agencies in India. 

10. 77% of marketing agencies predict a rise in out-stream video advertisements. 

11. 86% of marketing agencies say client reporting is an essential service.

12. To hire a marketing agency in 2020, business owners need to spend at least $4000 per month on non-working expenses.

13. 86% of marketing agencies have added a new service offering in 2021.

To remain competitive, marketing agencies shifted their focus to their most profitable service offerings and introduced additional services to meet the needs of their clients.

14. 32% of marketing agencies say social media marketing is the most thriving service. 

Millions use social media platforms. It’s a fantastic way for your company to reach a large number of people who are interested in your products or services.

15. Marketing agencies allot 20 hours on marketing plans per client. 

16.  68% of marketing agencies discovered new clients through social media platforms. 

17. In 2022, 99% of agencies anticipate revenue growth.