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How To Make WordPress Website Private 

How To Make WordPress Website Private – Ultimate Guide (2022)

Do you want to know how to make a WordPress website private?

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Being online aims to increase traffic, visibility, and interaction. But what if you wish to be online but just in a limited capacity? The good thing is that limiting external access to your WordPress website is possible.
Here, I’ll show you the most straightforward ways how to do it.
Here we go!

How To Make WordPress Website Private


There are hundreds of reasons why you’d want your WordPress website private. Don’t worry, it’s normal. Follow these two steps to get it done right away. 

Step 1: Go to Settings → General.

Step 2: Scroll down to the “Privacy section.”

You have three options: Coming Soon, Public, and Private. I’ll explain each of them below. 

Coming Soon 

Until you launch it, a new site is set to Coming Soon. Guests will see a “coming soon” landing page, while you and authorized visitors can see the entire site.


This is the default setting for most websites. It lets everyone see your site and allows it to appear in search engine results and on other content sites.


To make your WordPress website private, this is the one. Just click the circle, and voila! If you want certain people to be able to view it, you’ll need to invite them. 

If you make your site private, visitors will only see a “Private Site” unless you invite them. A visitor can also request access by clicking “Request Access.” The site owner will be notified to approve or deny the request. 


We all need privacy, whether with websites or our personal lives. I hope you got everything you need to make your WordPress website private. Isn’t it just easy?

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