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How To Embed YouTube Live Stream On Website (2023 Edition)

How to embed YouTube video live stream on website? That would be easy, especially if your website is on WordPress! But let me perk up your interest further on video live streams with some 2023 statistics on it before I walk you through the process step by step.

2023 Live Stream Statistics

EarthWeb says that video live streaming is expected to grow 15 times this year after increasing by 99% from April 2019 to 2020. This phenomenal growth is due to netizens spending an average of 34.5 minutes watching videos, of which 56% are breaking news online.

With such statistics, live streaming has become an industry of its own where companies spend billions to advertise their products or services. It is also a big source of income and a tool to retain customers, especially when integrated into a company’s website. Live streaming videos enhance website visitors’ experience, retain them longer in the website, and draw in new customers.

Live streaming videos, according to Influencer MarketingHub, provide businesses with new revenue streams. This new global industry is projected to earn a minimum of $247 billion come 2027! It’s a trend thanks to Millenials who make up the majority of online users and who prefer live-streaming videos over written content.

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of this trend by starting to embed live-streaming videos on your website. New business owners don’t need to go full blast into this technology by purchasing high-end equipment and a private video server at the onset to do live streaming broadcasts.

Starting simple is always a wise move, such as using a free platform like YouTube and maximizing your business mobile phone at the very least for this purpose. But you may wonder what is there to live stream about your business. Let me give you a quick list to inspire you some more.

YouTube Live Stream Ideas For Your Website

Real-time content such as live video is a powerful marketing tool that is most useful and available to small business owners and new entrepreneurs. In-demand live-streamed videos, according to Empire Flippers, can be classified as educational, tutorials, Q&As, product reviews, behind-the-scenes, announcements, competitions, and live quizzes.

Business owners have a variety of options on what to live stream on their website. These could be to:

1. Host a company event

You can host company events such as your business’ conferences and seminars on your website. You can even conduct your product launches online through your website such that it becomes something customers will look forward to. This is best conducted when you have created a community of loyal customers to your brand.

2. Launch a product usage or service offering tutorial

Speaking of having a community of loyal customers, you can even release exclusive content on your website through a product usage or service tutorial. This would be a good way for your customers to feel they are valued since they are given access to free content based on their patronage of your brand. You can also host a video tutorial on a business affiliate’s product, which is relevant to your website’s content.

3. Release exclusive videos about your product

What are exclusive videos about your product? A product enhancement or upgrade is good live-streamed content. This could be a come-on for avid customers of your brand. An example could be a live stream on the new iPhone version where its features are demonstrated to viewers.

Exclusive videos can even entail having a contest on customer-generated content about your product for suggested designs and upgrades. This would not only be fun but will also provide you insights into what your customers really aspire for in your brand, product, or service.

4. Get feedback on new product or service advertisements

Maximize the use of video live streams by making them a venue for real-time dialogue with your customers on your newly launched product or service. You may also use it as a venue to gather feedback on your advertisements, especially those released in traditional media (TV, radio, and print). This will allow you to modify the advertisements or create new ones. The important message behind all these is to make your customers feel their opinion matters to your business.

5. Highlight customer testimonials

Customer testimonials have a strong influence on creating your business’ credibility. You can host a live stream on your website that’s vlog style where you interview on-the-spot customers using your product or service. This may be risky since you might bump into an unhappy customer but authenticity matters a lot these days especially online.

Above all, this requires bravery in that you are willing to accept, acknowledge, and immediately address whatever disappointment a customer may have with your product or service. Of course, doing so will create a satisfied customer and provide you with better business.

6. Regularly answer customer’s FAQs

Meanwhile, broadcasting a live stream on your website to answer your customer’s frequently asked questions on your brand, business, product, or service is highly recommended. This is an ideal way to have real-time interaction with your customers and educate them accordingly about your business.

7. Review the product or service of your business affiliate

Finally, you can also review the product or service of another company provided that this would be relevant to your website’s content. In my case, I review websites in terms of their design along with reviewing the use of an affiliate’s product on a website. You can check out my review of Elementor Cloud Hosting as an example.

These seven ideas are but possibilities your business can take advantage of when embedding live video to your website. There are endless opportunities a little creativity can make to engage your customers emotionally with your business, strengthening your relationships with them.

So is your business ready to jump into the video live-streaming bandwagon? Let’s talk about how to do this with the steps on embedding live videos to your website.

How To Embed YouTube Live Stream On Website

Steps To Embed YouTube Live Stream On Website

Okay, so let me now walk you through how to embed a live-stream YouTube video. Just a heads up, I will be focusing on WordPress Websites. Here are the steps:

1. Create a new post from your WordPress Dashboard.

2. Entitle the post and click the + on the top left menu to display the options for the post’s content.

3. Type YouTube in the Search field and press Enter on your keyboard.

4. This will reveal the YouTube icon. Just click it once then close the side menu by clicking the X atop its window.

5. A “YouTube URL” box will appear on the post content. Follow the instructions on it by pasting the link of the video in the space provided. Click Embed when you’re done.

6. WordPress will now call the video and incorporate it as part of your post’s content. Add a caption or any accompanying text you wish with the video before clicking Publish on the upper right-hand corner of the post.

Just an additional note. Another way to add the “YouTube URL” box on the post is to click anywhere on the content area. A + icon will appear once you do. Click on the + icon and you’ll see a smaller window version of the + options you clicked earlier. Do steps 3 to 6 as indicated above.

Some Important Considerations On Embedding YouTube Live Stream On Website

There are some important considerations when it comes to live-streaming videos on YouTube. First, you need to create a YouTube Channel for your business.

Second, you need to plan ahead–a minimum of six months–on what content you would like to live stream on your website. Consistency or having a regular time to broadcast live content is important to keep your online community in your website alive and growing. Thus, ample preparation and planning are needed for your real-time content.

Third, you would need to have a certain number of subscribers–1,000 to be exact–before you can live stream videos on YouTube.

Fourth, good thing there is a way to circumvent this, especially for new businesses. There are applications or programs like Be Live that you could use to live stream video on your website no matter how few your YouTube subscribers may be.

Fifth, it is best to announce that you would be a live-streaming video on your website at least a week before the actual date of broadcasting. This is to ensure more people will watch it. Announcing the live stream is best done through your social media channels and email lists. Creating a banner about it on your website’s home page is also essential.

A final consideration is to make sure your YouTube video is set to public so that it will be embedded into your website.


Live videos embedded on your website that addresses the needs of your market and provides easy access to your product’s information are beneficial to your business. It not only allows greater interactivity with your customers but is also cost-effective for you in the long run since it lessens advertising expenses.


How do I embed the YouTube live stream code into my website?

Copy the embed code from the YouTube video and paste it into your website’s HTML code. In WordPress, you have to click the three dots at the upper right-most corner of the post to go to the HTML version of the website. Click on “Code Editor” to paste it where you want the video to appear in the content. Then click “Update” / “Publish” to complete embedding the video.

How long will my YouTube live stream be made available online?

Accordingly, YouTube live stream videos are made instantly available online and will usually remain there in your Channel until you decide to remove them. However, YouTube’s recent terms have set a 12-hour archive limit for live-stream videos. This means you have 12 hours to view the live-stream video at a later time. It is best to download a copy or make a backup video during live recording to ensure you have something to upload once the live video stream expires. By the way, YouTube’s live-stream feature takes effect after 24 hours for channels that have reached 1,000 subscribers.


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