Are you looking for a free Divi theme including a free Divi builder? I’ve got great news for you.

This article contains 5 ways you can get a free Divi Theme 4.0.

I get it, you read about Divi and browsed through their website. It seems nice, but is it worth the money? Isn’t there a free Divi theme version somewhere on the web?

The answer is yes. And No. Although there are illegal Divi Theme downloads to be found, you run a big risk of opening your door up to hackers. That’s not all.

If you download an illegal version of Divi, you’re not eligible for support and updates. Plus, it will make your website vulnerable to hackers.

Should you want to learn more about Divi, read my 2024 Divi review. Or click here to see my top 70+ Divi website examples.

That being said: “How to get the Divi Theme for free?”

🎉 5 Ways To Get The Divi Theme For Free 🎉

#1 Find a client who needs a new website

I love this one – heck, it’s how I paid for the Divi theme when I bought it. 

Search for a company who needs a new website. Tell them you would love to make slick websites like these. Then tell them you know about a tool which will make the website SUPER easy to edit afterwards.

Clients love this.

They don’t want to be relying on their web designer to make small adjustments to their site. By using Divi  everybody is able to make changes to the website. Show a demo and I’m confident they’ll be happy to pay for it.

#2 Join the affiliate program of Divi

Once you’ve joined the Divi pack you’re allowed to join the affiliate program of Divi. I love it!

It enables you to promote Divi to other people and receive a 50% commission on every purchase they make.

I repeat. 50%.

If you genuinely love Divi – like  I do – it will be super easy to earn back the money you’ve spent on Divi.

Divi Website Builder

The Divi website builder allows you to build websites using a drag & drop builder. The real-time builder makes building websites fun and easy!

✅ Cheap website builder
🖥 Unlimited websites
⏰ No monthly subscription 

#3 Try Divi for free for 30 days

Admittedly, this one will only give you the Divi theme for 30 days. But still – it’s a valid way to test if you actually like the Divi theme.

Although I’m a big fan (as you figured by now) you won’t run the risk of a purchase you hate.

Try it for 30 days and if you don’t like it you can ask for a refund. Simple as that.

#4 Start a blog and earn money

Sure – setting up a blog takes time and money. But hey, there are TONS of bloggers who are able to pay their bills by.. well you guessed it – blogging. 

Although this requires you to pay for the Divi theme up front, it’s super easy to generate a serious income stream from it.

Remember, getting the Divi subscription comes with lots of other great tools to build a blog:

  • Free Extra Magazine Theme
  • Free Divi Builder Plugin
  • Free Bloom Email Optin Plugin
  • Free Monarch Social Media Plugin

That’s lots of free bonuses.

#5 Get an existing client to pay for your Divi theme

This one is similar to the first one, yet it doesn’t even require you to get a new client. The only thing you need to do is to convince a client that they need a new web design. One that’s faster, easier to edit, and above all – looks even slicker.

Concluding thoughts on how to get the Divi Theme for free

These were the 5 ways which will help you to get the Divi theme for free. I know you were probably hoping to find a free Divi download link in this article. 

Unfortunately, that’s not possible. Yet these 5 creative ways will allow you to use Divi for an unlimited number of websites.

Before you leave, I’ve got one small present for you. Something which will hopefully help you a bit. 

It’s a link to the Divi discount page. 

Enjoy! 😉