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Youtube Ads Memes 2024 – 13 Hilarious Memes

Best Youtube Ads Memes

Yes, it’s happening. It’s Tuesday 9:00 PM and I’m writing an article about Youtube Ads memes.

Frankly, I’m fed up with Youtube Ads, and I decided to collect the best memes I could find out there.

I’ll be honest – I understand Youtube for playing ads on their platform. I really do. But I hate them with a passion.

Let’s get started.


The Best Youtube Ads Memes Of 2024

1. Youtube is the boss meme

When you skip the first ad. Only to realize that there is a second ad – and it’s unskippable!

Youtube Ads Meme Skippable

2. Keep refreshing Youtube meme

Sometimes you’re in luck. Hang in there – it only takes 430 refreshes for Youtube to give up.

Youtube Ads Meme 30 seconds non skippable

Youtube skip ads memes

3. When the ad is telling you not to skip the ad

“Wait, don’t sip this ad. In the next 2 minutes I’m going to teach you how to earn 5 million dollar by….”

– Yeah right. Skip!

Youtube Ads Meme skip

4. The second Youtube ad

Remember the good old days, where Youtube had only 1 ad per video?

Youtube Ads Meme 2 of 2

5. I’ll f*cking do it again


Youtube: Come on, you must see this ad. It’s hilarious.

Youtube Ads Meme  skip ad

6. What will the future hold? 5 ads per video?


Youtube: Come on, ads are fun!

Youtube Ads Meme  skip ad

7. Leonardo Di Caprio Youtube Ads Meme

I just love this one. Never get too excited about opening up another video – you never know what you’re getting yourself into!

Youtube Ads Meme  skip ad

Youtube Premium Meme

8. Thinking about other women? Or about avoiding Youtube Premium?

Sure, I’ll buy Youtube premium.

Or… I’ll just keep on refreshing my browser!

Youtube Ads Meme  skip ad

9. Highway Youtube Ads Meme 

Bring in another ad Youtube – I’ll just keep refreshing!

Youtube Ads Meme  skip ad

10. Oprah Winfrey Youtube Meme

It seems like advertising is free these days. Where does Youtube get all these advertisers from?

Is Oprah handing out free advertising budget?

11. Pablo Escobar Youtube Ads Meme

Even Pablo is getting sick of it.

Love Yoututube Ads Meme

12. Toystory Youtube Ads Meme

Sure. Some people don’t mind watching ads. Because. Well – I have no clue. Send me a message if you figured it out, I’d love to know!

13. Youtube Ads Are Great Meme – Change My Mind 

Would love to sit down with this guy! I’ll make him understand why Youtube ads aren’t all that great 😉

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