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Wix Studio Review

Wix Studio Review: All You Need To Know!

Wix Studio is out to make agencies and freelancers’ lives easy—and it’s officially news! In fact, what can be expected about this new platform?

So, this review article is the right one for you; in what follows I will tell you some things which will make you excited about their new creation and you will also know what you should be expecting from them.

What is Wix Studio?

Wix Studio is an end-to-end web production platform for businesses and freelancers offering intuitive design, responsive behaviors, distinctive layouts, code-free interactions, personalized CSS, and responsive AI features.

Wix Studio enables agencies and freelancers to create custom widgets, market them on the app store, and open new revenue streams. Thanks to collaboration features, teams can scale their operations, track and manage activities, and collaborate on projects.

The main goal of Wix Studio is to empower agencies and freelancers to deliver high-quality websites and meet deadlines, with thousands of possibilities to choose from.

Wix Studio

What are the features?

Wix Studio has some new features, which when looked into, really improve the lives of freelancers. However, these features are designed to help improve work quality rather than to replace what matters most in providing excellent work. Let’s delve into the exciting features of Wix Studio in this Wix Studio features review:

Inspector Panel

The Wix Studio editor is a strong and user-friendly tool for creating websites with detailed design control and sophisticated features. The editor, which draws inspiration from the Wix editor, offers fresh design and editing possibilities.

The platform offers practical potential for advancement. The editor offers a spacious canvas with minimal distractions, several panels for various tasks, and an Inspector panel for managing element characteristics.

Responsive AI

With Wix Studio, responsive design is possible, with elements scaling appropriately, and text boxes wrapping. Responsive AI in Wix Studio saves time by dynamically adapting portions to fit all screen sizes.

Every web designer dreamed of that feature and now, Wix Studio is making us live the dream and making every life of the designers easier.

A wide range of animations and interactions are available in Wix Studio, such as scroll animations, loop animations, hover effects, and more. These are a bundle of joy and good news to people who loves putting extra effort into their designs.

Section Grid

Users of Wix Studio can create structured layouts using a CSS grid by using the Section Grid tool. Designers can easily split and resize grid cells to design the layout they want.

Using the Inspector panel, users can change the layout’s properties and design components. Wix Studio provides collaboration tools so that people can work on the same website together and share resources and themes.

Wix Block

A pre-configured development environment, a cloud backend, a database, and a UI builder are all included in the Wix Blocks platform. Blocks allow developers to concentrate on creating and marketing applications while being used for various websites.


The workspace has tools for managing sites, tracking subscriptions, reusing materials, and supporting tickets.

The ability to have many workspaces under one account in Wix Studio makes it easier to collaborate with various firms. Other features include potential for revenue, site reports, team management tools, and training resources.

Other features

Clients can edit content without affecting the design when using Content Mode. Customers have access to alter particular site material and manage permissions.

For more extensive features, Wix Bookings and Wix Stores are used. Developers can change business logic by writing custom code using the new Wix IDE.

Using examples and best practices from Velo, Wix Studio has developed an AI code assistant. The artificial intelligence (AI) coding helper generates idiomatic JavaScript code and offers explanations.


To provide a smooth transition and learning period, they will distribute progressively Wix Studio with an exclusive release for users. They consider the creation and management of client projects with Wix Studio as the way of the future.

Now if you are excited like me, make sure to head to Wix Studio and check their newest platform and join the waitlist to be one of the first to experience convenience on hand.