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Wix Handwriting Fonts

Best Handwriting Fonts in Wix: Stylish Options Revealed!

Fonts are one of the most critical components in the web design world that helps communicate the persona as well as the style of a site. Choosing the font can make or break the overall design of a site, whether it is business related like a portfolio or an ecommerce platform.

In particular, your handwriting fonts add an entirely unique and personal touch on your website. Good news for all those using Wix as their website builder. Today’s article is devoted to the selection of the most elegant handwriting fonts for websites developed using Wix.

Best handwriting fonts in Wix

Here are 8 awesome examples of handwriting fonts you want to try in Wix.

1. Black Jack

Black Jack is a modern script font which incorporates class and readability. This is a script font whose medium thickness of strokes makes it a versatile choice for many different types of websites. This font radiates an elegant charm, which makes it ideal for use in blog sites, wedding websites, and creative portfolios.

2. Pacifico

Pacifico is a handwriting font which adds a casual and friendly atmosphere to your website. It is fantastic for the lighter projects, like as kids’ web sites or recipe and hobby blogs. Pacifico is the ideal choice for any one interested in injecting creativity and thrill into web design.

3. Allura

If you prefer a sophisticated and formal web design, you might find Allura perfect. This calligraphy-style font gives a touch of elegance to your content. Allura is best used in invitations for any events, on wedding websites or anywhere elegance is required.

4. Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel is a retro vintage handwritten font. Its cursive script is very similar to the traditional script used in old hotels and theaters and thus, it is an ideal option for those who want to create a nostalgic, retro ambiance. For instance, travel blogs, vintage-themed e-commerce sites, as well as sites with a classic and timeless look could be perfect candidates to work alongside Grand Hotel.

5. Dancing Script

Dancing Script is a lovely and flexible handwritten typeface, appropriate for many purposes. With such elements it becomes just perfect for personal blogs or lifestyle web pages or any other content oriented place, which sticks for personal charm.

6. Great Vibes

Great Vibes is an elegant script font that oozes class and style. This is ideal for websites that deal with fashion and beauty brands or other luxurious products. With its flowing, elegant strokes, this font can be used to craft a remarkable visual image for your website.

7. Indie Flower

Indie Flower a playful handwritten font that makes your website more human and down to earth. It’s a perfect choice for personal blogs, craft websites, DIY stuff. Indie Flower’s appealing design and typographic structure made it a perfect choice for content-rich websites.

8. Amatic SC

Amatic SC is a characterful typeface. This would be ideal for websites hoping to be unique and distinct to their visitors. This font is perfect for creative portfolios, artistic showcases and any site that wants to be unique and enticing.


Choosing the perfect handwriting font for your Wix website can make a difference in the whole design. These fonts, from the elegant and refined to the carefree and playful are in the range.

If you want effective web design, select a font that complements the purpose and content of your website. Whatever design goal you have in mind, there is a handwriting font on Wix that will deliver a website that’s professional, playful, classic or even trendy. Play around with these font’s and let your imagination fly in creating a website that completely embraces your company brand’s and idea.


1. Can I convert my Wix font to a handwriting style?

Yes, just select the text element in the Wix Editor, go to the Font dropdown in the Text Settings panel, choose “More Fonts”, then seek for your preferred handwriting font.

2. Should I worry about font licensing in using handwriting fonts on Wix?

Of course, make sure it comes with a valid license for the font. Use only licensed or Wix fonts in order to avoid copyright problems.

3. Is it possible to make Wix handwriting fonts changeable in size and color?

Of course! You can change any size and color by choosing the right settings in the Wix Editor’s Text Settings panel.