“Mom, I got to go. I’m learning to design websites today. Tomorrow I’ll be a web designer”.

Okay, I’m not saying you’ll be the next web design guru in 24 hours.

But it’s definitely a lot easier than many people think. In fact, I’m SO excited about designing websites that I decided to give you 10 reasons why you should also learn it.

Ready to get excited? 😉

#1 You’ll earn >$50 per hour in no time

What’s the last time you learned a new skill and are making $50 per hour on it a few weeks later? Web design is such an easy skill to learn, yet people are paying a lot of money for a simple website.

#2 You can earn work from anywhere in the world

Okay, almost anywhere. As long as you have a decent internet connection you can work from anywhere in the world. If you learn how to web design, nothing is holding you back to go on a trip around the world.


Besides, who said wearing pants at work is necessary?

#3 You’ll have a new job before you know it

Let’s say your boss fires you tomorrow. Depending on your skillset, it can take a while to get a new job. When you’re a web designer you’ll have work in no-time. There will always be a need of new websites.

#4 You can test new business ideas quicker and better

Do you have a business idea? And are you curious to see if it’s viable? Set up a simple website and show it to potential customers. Using the Lean Startup Method you’ll be able to verify your business idea very quickly.

#5 You’ll become popular amongst friends

Every organization needs a website. The charity of your friend, the soccer club of your brother. You name it. If learn web design you’ll be the hero who can help them out.

#6 Be your own boss

When you’re a web designer you can create your own schedule. Want to work from 10 to 3? Fine. Want to work from a bar? Sure. The life of a web designer brings you a lot of freedom.

#7 You’ll save money on future business projects

Are you planning to launch your own startup, someday in the future? Being able to design your own website saves a ton of money in the startup phase. Money which you can use for advertising!

#8 You’ll save a ton of  time

Are you a business owner and do you want to change your website? Good luck on trying to talk to your web designer. Many web designers have a lot of projects at the same time, and you probably aren’t their highest priority. If you’re able to do it yourself, it will make your life much easier.

#9 You know when to call bullsh*t

If your job is related to IT you’ll probably agree that working with developers can be a pain in the ass. For a simple project they’ll quote you too many hours frequently. I’m not saying learning web design means you’ll never need a developer, some technical projects will still require assistance from professionals. However, knowing a bit about web design will help you a lot in understanding the process of IT development.

#10 It’s fun

Seriously, it’s fun! Web designing might be a bit daunting when you’re starting out. However, once you get the hang of it it’s a lot of fun.

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