Weebly vs Squarespace? From themes to editors. The two most popular site builders have crucial differences.

#1 Introduction to my Weebly vs Squarespace Comparison

Having doubts about Weebly vs Squarespace?

I get you! It’s a choice many people have doubts about. And I’m here to help you understand the differences, so you can make the choice that’s best for you!

You found the right page. I’ve built and analyzed over 300 websites built with Weebly and Squarespace, and I’m here to share my experiences with you.

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Weebly vs Squarespace at a glance

1. Two most popular website builders

Weebly and Squarespace are the two top-rated website builders! Combined, they have over  1 million websites up and running. 

2. Aggressive feature releases

Both Weebly and Squarespace have been releasing new features at the speed of light. It’s clear that they’re going head to head to become the most popular website builder. That being said, when one of them releases a popular feature, it won’t be long until the other releases it as well.

3. Main difference between Weebly and Squarespace 

Weebly is a simple website builder with roughly 45+ pre-built themes. For newbies, Squarespace is less intuitive, but it has greater support and roughly 90+ designer templates. Furthermore, Weebly features more apps and a free plan, which Squarespace does not have.

4. Incredible templates

Weebly has 45+ templates, while Squarespace has 113. That being said, I’m sure you’ll find a beautiful one with both of them!

5. Disadvantages Weebly

  • Has limited blogging tools 
  • Poor page management
  • Awful backup 

6. Disadvantages Squarespace

  • It’s impossible to get custom solutions from support
  • They don’t offer a one-time pricing
  • The customer support isn’t amazing

#2 How to install Weebly or Squarespace

Installing Weebly or Squarespace is actually super easy! Just follow my steps, and you’ll have everything set up in less than 5 minutes. Pinky promise!

I split it up into 2 phases.

Phase 1 is for Weebly, and Phase 2 is for Squarespace.

Phase 1 – How to Install Weebly

Step 1: To get started with Weebly, go to its website first.


Step 2: Click the Get Started button.

All the tools you’ll need to construct a one-of-a-kind website are here without any technical knowledge required.

Step 3: Sign up for an account.

Step 4: Choose a plan.

Although the pricing levels on Weebly are very basic, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Which plan is the best fit for you? Is there a cost that I’m not aware of? Is Weebly’s pricing even reasonable?

Check out this image as a reference.

Weebly offers four different plans, ranging from $0 to $25 per month. Although the free plan is appropriate for relatively basic websites, you can sell for free online, which is something to brag about!

Step 5: Get the ball rolling. 

Enjoy creating your website with Weebly’s advanced tools to achieve any outcome. With Weebly’s drag-and-drop editor, you can create a simple, beautiful site that’s ideal for portfolios, blogs, online stores, and company websites.

Phase 2 – How To Install Squarespace

Step 1: Go to the website of Squarespace and click on Get Started.

Step 2: Choose a template.

Once you press Get Started, you’ll be prompted to choose a template.

On the Squarespace website alone, there are already more than 100 visually appealing templates to choose from.

It may be time-consuming and stressful to decide which option is the greatest match for your website, even while it is good to have so many alternatives. To make your job easier, check out the type or topic options to filter. You can also select a blank page.

Step 3: Look like a professional by setting up a domain. 

Step 4: Create a style for your website to establish your brand’s tone. 

Step 5: Add the pages you need and delete the ones you don’t.

Step 6: Configure SEO.

The marketing section of your toolbar includes an SEO option where you can import your keyword list for ranking purposes. 

Step 7: Prioritize analytics!

Data analytics is significant since it allows you to improve your performance. You can also utilize data analytics to make smarter decisions and monitor customer patterns and satisfaction.

Step 8: It’s time to party!

Your Squarespace website is ready for use! 

#3 Templates

If you want a lot of control over your website’s personalization, I wouldn’t choose Weebly. Wix gives you a lot more creative power, and Squarespace offers a lot more sophisticated designs than Weebly.

Overall, if you’re looking for something more advanced, you’ll probably find Weebly restrictive.

Nonetheless, Weebly’s themes are organized into categories to make it easier to choose the right look for your website. You may learn more about these categories and their themes by checking out these fantastic samples. 

Weebly Template 1 – Inspiron

Weebly Template 2 – Velo

Weebly Template 3 – Rockon

Things you should know about Weebly Templates: 

  • Weebly has various appealing themes, allowing you to customize and adjust your work to your liking.

  • No need to worry yourself because Weebly’s templates are 100% responsive.

  • Although the majority of Weebly’s themes are free, it doesn’t mean that you can’t edit them the way you want. There are literally no limitations. You can customize the theme so that it precisely complements your content.

Squarespace Templates

Let’s continue with some amazing Squarespace templates.

Squarespace provides a fantastic selection of templates.

Although aesthetics are subjective, I believe that no other website builder can compete with Squarespace’s clean, contemporary templates.

Just replace the placeholder content with your own and that’s it, you got a website. You can adjust elements to make them just the way you like it.

In fact, click here if you want to see the other 110 Squarespace templates.

Squarespace Template 1 – Emmeline 

Squarespace Template 2 – Reseda

Squarespace Template 3 – Condesa 

Travel Agency about us template

Things you should know about Squarespace Templates:

  • Templates are responsive, which means that they adapt to the size of the browser window, making them suitable for use on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets.
  • Squarespace designs have a distinct appearance that includes bold text, white space, and ample website area to display photos.
  • As of Squarespace 7.1, templates serve as starting points for new projects. Every template is a member of the same family and shares the same features and customization possibilities.
  • Squarespace designs are intended to display photography. Even the most basic stock photographs will improve the overall appearance of a Squarespace website.


    Definitely Squarespace! Through the years, their main asset is their use of templates. The amazing thing is, there are over 100 designs to pick from, and they appear both creative and modern.

    Unfortunately, with the 7.1 upgrades, swapping from one template to another is no longer feasible. Nevertheless, its designs are now more versatile, making it easy to modify if necessary.

    #4 The Editor

    It’s tough to compare the user interface of Weebly and Squarespace, as it’s highly dependent on personal preferences.

    There will be tons of people who think that Weebly clearly has a better editor. But then again, others will say Squarespace wins.

    I’ll start comparing the two for you to see the difference:

    The Weebly editor compared to Squarespace

    Weebly has a structured editor with elements that can be moved and dropped but only within a pre-designed grid. This organized approach makes its sites are responsive on both mobile and desktop devices. Overall, you can create a simple, beautiful site, making it an excellent choice for blogs or online stores.

    The Squarespace editor compared to Weebly 

    Compared to Weebly, Squarespace’s sections and content blocks are the building components of its pages.

    Content blocks are the various pieces that make up your websites, such as text, buttons, photos, maps, forms, and other features. In general, they are known as building blocks.

    Sections are stacked vertically on your website and include content chunks that are linked together.

    Even though you may build a part from scratch, you can also select from a library of pre-designed sections, such as the following:

    Background pictures may be used in sections, which is essential for a contemporary, full-bleed image feel. The height, breadth, alignment, and colors of a section may all be customized, but you cannot go too much from this basic structure.


    Squarespace it is! In my opinion, its simple template editor and user-friendly interface are difficult to match. Once you’ve figured out what you’re doing, editing becomes quick and simple, and you’ll love the clean menus.

    Without a hint of doubt, the Squarespace editor gets simpler with practice – all you need is a little time and effort to get the most out of it.

    #5 Ease of Use


    Just like Squarespace, Weebly is extremely easy to use. It’s a drag-and-drop website builder that allows you to create your site precisely as you see it on screen, rather than dealing with ambiguous program code.

    Instead of dealing with too much complexity, you can move actual photos, buttons, and more around your page until you’re satisfied.

    After all, they care a lot about user experience and happy users.


    Squarespace is a website builder geared for beginners that allows users to construct websites without knowing any code. Anyone may take charge of the construction process and develop a website in their spare time.

    Furthermore, customers may choose a package that already includes a name and hosting, eliminating the need to independently maintain or purchase these items.

    One downside, however, once you choose a template and edit it to your liking, it’s not easy to change to a different template. In fact, it means you have to start over.

    On Squarespace, you can even build and fully complete your website before ever paying. This is super handy if you’re comparing different builders.


    Weebly vs Squarespace? I believe that Squarespace’s UI is more streamlined and more straightforward to use, particularly in terms of essential content management!

    It may not be the most user-friendly website builder, but I feel it is one of the greatest products of its kind. I’ve been using it for years now, and I believe Squarespace provides the ideal balance of power, ease of use, and great design!

    #6 Ecommerce

    Can you use Weebly or Squarespace for eCommerce?

    Yes, actually, they’re both perfect for it. Let me show you why.

    Let’s start with:


    Weebly is an excellent option for eCommerce.

    In fact, its simple drag-and-drop editor allows you to start your online store without any obstacles. All you have to do is select a theme, upload your products, configure shipping/taxes, and decide on your preferred payment method! 

    Afterward, Weebly will immediately construct a storefront for you to personalize as much or as little as you like, with complete CSS/HTML control and editing.

    That’s it! Quick and easy! 



    Squarespace isn’t the greatest ecommerce platform out there, but it’s a great option for small and developing businesses looking for a fully integrated online store. Its two ecommerce plans contain a variety of essential features, including Apple pay integration and incorporation of ShipStation.


    Both options have great features that your online store will love! In addition, they offer specialized ecommerce price plans, allowing anyone to sell an infinite number of things.

    #7 Features

    Both Weebly and Squarespace have a lot of features. Honestly, I can’t think of any feature I would like to add to either one of them.

    However, I can imagine you want to know more about what features are included. So here we go.


    Weebly has been used to power over 50 million websites around the world, but why is it so popular? Come take a look at these features to know why.

    • Powerful Design Tools

    Weebly has a comprehensive set of advanced design tools to ensure that your website shines out, even if you don’t have design knowledge. 

    • Flexible Drag and Drop Blog Creation

    Weebly allows you to create your best content without touching any code! Its free, dedicated hosting infrastructure ensures that your site loads quickly to give all visitors a positive experience.

    • Professional Templates and Themes

    Feel free to explore a large selection of designs, from ultra-modern minimalist to bold and classic. You have 50 options and seven categories to choose from. The possibilities are endless! 


    Now let’s continue with Squarespace.

    • Blogging

    Excellent. In terms of blogging, Squarespace is the only website builder that competes with WordPress. If you’re a blogger looking for a website builder, Squarespace is a great option.

    • Form Builder

    My only concern is this: Squarespace does not automatically save your submissions; you must link it to a source. Why can’t submissions be saved by default?

    • Photographic Galleries

    Squarespace has long been a favorite among artists and photographers, thanks to its stunning picture galleries.

    • Scheduling Appointments

    Visitors can arrange and pay for visits using Appointment Scheduling. There is a monthly charge, and options begin at $14 per month.

    • Analytics

    While Google Analytics may always be added, Squarespace offers its own analytics that seamlessly integrates with current Squarespace capabilities to measure sales per product.

    • Members’ Only Area

    Members Area, which allows you to produce and manage premium content for registered customers, was introduced by Squarespace in 2020. It does come at a cost (monthly plans start at $9) and a transaction fee.


    Weebly includes a number of useful built-in features that allow you to create a wide range of websites. Furthermore, its extensive app store is jam-packed with valuable add-ons that you may incorporate into your website!

    #8 Pricing

    Let’s talk about pricing. When comparing Weebly vs Squarespace, price is an essential factor to consider. So, which platform is less expensive and which gives more value?

    Let’s take a closer look.

    Weebly Pricing

    Weebly offers four pricing options! 

    • Basic use – FREE 
    • Personal –  $10 per month 
    • Professional –  $12 per month 
    • Performance – $26 per month 

    Squarespace Pricing

    Compared to Weebly, Squarespace offers four pricing options:

    • Personal —  $16 per month
    • Business —  $23 per month
    • Basic Commerce — $28 per month
    • Advanced Commerce — $52 per month

    With only $52 per month, you already have access to Squarespace’s most powerful commerce features.


    Both Weebly and Squarespace offer affordable plans for your needs and requirements! Weebly offers some of the most affordable website-building plans available. You don’t compromise on quality to save money either! 

    #9 SEO

    I’m going to keep this short. Both of them are great for SEO.


    As a website builder, your website is created instantly with SEO in mind. In fact, its sites all include a sitemap, SEO-friendly HTML structure, meta descriptions, and other features! Also, they have an easy-to-follow guide to get your website to the top of search results. What are you waiting for? Go get that traffic!


    All Squarespace designs are fully responsive, which means that your site’s design will simply adapt to look good on tablets, mobile devices, and desktop PCs. This not only makes your site more accessible to the masses, but it can also bring significant SEO value.


    It’s a draw! Both are good for SEO if you ask me. In fact, I’ve seen several big Weebly and Squarespace websites with millions of visitors per month, all because of SEO!

    Squarespace and Weebly have similar search engine optimization (SEO) tools to help your site rank higher in search results, such as easy updating of page title, description, and URL, as well as easy-to-understand guidelines to lead you through everything you need to know about SEO.

    Divi SEO Review

    #10 Domains & Emails


    Don’t hesitate to build your brand on Weebly! Feel free to launch your website or online store when you’re done registering your domain name. If you want, Weebly offers free domain hosting, so you can manage everything without leaving the Weebly environment. Check this link to get started! 

    #11 Examples

    Here is a collection of my favorite 79 Squarespace websites

    Definitely have a look at both these examples to better understand what’s possible with each site builder.

    Douk Snow UK has excellent animations and engaging images to impress every visitor! Definitely an example of a Weebly website! 



    Squarespace website example – https://www.fatchoynyc.com/

    #12 Customer Support

    Everyone enjoys receiving assistance in many ways. That’s why it’s critical for website builders to provide a variety of assistance features. 

    Weebly vs Squarespace is a fascinating comparison when it comes to aid and assistance. Both have a variety of options to obtain help, but it’s crucial to figure out what works best for you.


    Weebly’s experts are always willing to assist 24 hours a day, seven days a week! In addition, it provides meaningful articles, a knowledge base, and a community to resolve your problems. What more can you ask for? 


    Articles, guidelines, and video lessons have always been around in the Squarespace knowledge base. In addition, you can register for webinars and participate in community forum conversations for more in-depth answers.


    In terms of assistance and support, Squarespace comes out on top. Weebly offers additional phone assistance, but Squarespace offers personal email help 24/7. It also offers a more user-friendly support center.

    #13 Conclusion

    Should you use Weebly or Squarespace? Honestly, it depends on what you need.

    Choose Weebly if you’re a budget-conscious individual or a small business wishing to establish an online presence. It has a lot of functions and can do a lot of things.

    On the other hand, choose Squarespace if you want an all-rounder that excels at both eCommerce and website tools.

    I recommend Squarespace to anyone who wants a gorgeous, feature-rich website without having to know how to code. Although you won’t be able to create a website in minutes, the level of creativeness and advanced tools will more than compensate.

    #14 FAQ

    Which is faster, Weebly or Squarespace?

    It’s a draw! Both of them function well with no interruptions, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

    Is Weebly better than Squarespace?

    No. Both Squarespace and Weebly excel at making it simple for users to construct highly appealing, yet still functional, websites.

    Which is cheaper, Weebly or Squarespace?

    Weebly is the more affordable choice, with a free plan and premium ones starting at $8 per month. Squarespace does not provide a free plan, but it does provide a 14-day trial. The most affordable Squarespace plan is $12 per month.