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Welcome friendly stranger! You're looking for some inspiring Siteground website designs. You found the right page.
My name is Ralph de Groot. I'm the founder and author at My Codeless Website. Wake me up for a great web design. I love writing about website examples, too!

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The best Siteground websites of 2023.

1. Chaintrier Avocats

The website Chaintrier, with its vibrant color scheme of orange and white, makes it shine in its entire splendor. Its conservative style and vibrant use of orange color make the logo of the website very distinctive. Bullet icons are used to split the content into different steps for your convenience. Contact and about us are illustrated at the top of the home page. The interesting point is that every important point is dominated by orange colors.

Things we love about this web design

  • Original logo
  • Decent but authentic
  • Rapid connection to products

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2. Just See

Just See, a brand for business. The brochure of the site looks very professional. The whole website is with the combo or glitch of orange and white with a slight touch of back color. As you grab your arrowhead on the picture, the image zooms in so that you can focus on them.

Things we love about this web design

  • Appreciable use of soft colors
  • Amazing content
  • Incredible looks

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3. Tarbest Tourisme

The website opens with an eye-catching portfolio of the sun-kissed building. There is no such extensive content on the website. The main highlight is the changing of images on the top of the page, which is fabulous. The configuration of the content is unique, and each picture is placed perfectly.

Things we love about this web design

  • Fascinating look
  • User-friendly
  • Virtuous design

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4. Siur Comunicaión

This website has a very cool background video. The high-resolution picture ensures you that they give you the best results. Spanish content is specially designed on the website. 

Things we love about this web design

  • Tints of blue color
  • Ethical design
  • Evolved theme

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5. Uncaged Life

The website opens with the glorious background picture of a smiling girl. The correlating color scheme of gray and white makes the look of the website very decent. The genuine design of the website makes it simple. The contact is at the top of the page.

Things we love about this web design

  • Personalized content
  • Unique design
  • Reliable logo

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6. Green Peas for Breakfast

The pink plain background with bold blue bold letters gives a simplified view of the profile. The lady crowned with a diminutive zoo gives you attention. The animated pictures on the website make a graphical look. The graphical design is credible. The arrowhead on the website is specially designed.

Things we love about this web design:

  • Baby-Pink color is distempered
  • Animated pictures
  • Prominent visuals

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7. The New York Review of Books

If you are a bookworm or love to read history. Then click on the link given and get reviews about your favorite books. The yellow background is inked with bold letters of black color. You can search your favorite book through the website and also subscribe to them.

Things we love about this web design:

  • Inspiring historical images
  • Admirable composition
  • Authentic web design style

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Julio Artist Website Example

8. My Codeless Website

Oh yes! This website you’re looking at is hosted at WPX hosting. In fact, we’re hostin. all of our websites there.

Things we love about this website design:

  • Clean design
  • A cool feature on the home page
  • All pages load pretty fast, even if they have a lot of images

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9. My Donate Link

This Dutch non profit is a cool website example that shows that nice web design doesn’t have to be complex. I love how much white space is used!

Things we love about this website design:

  • Very clean design
  • Cool color scheme

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10. Ambra

The logo is multi-colored like a rainbow. The additional feature is that you can zoom in and out on the profile picture of the website to see everything. The moveable pictures of the pearls have their mentioned prices. The brownish background gives a woody texture.

Things we love about this website design:

  • Sophisticated design
  • Imposing use of colors
  • Idiomatic expressions

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BONUS: Elegant Themes


Although this one officially shouldn't be in this list - I couldn't keep this one from you. Elegant themes has amazing website themes and leads by example. Their own homepage looks stunning.

What you can learn from this great  website

  • Playful design
  • Clear call to actions
  • Great user experience

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Divi Examples

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Siteground website building
You can use these amazing Siteground websites as inspiration for your own website. Of course you shouldn't copy these websites. Simply pick your favourite ones and blend them into your perfect design.
Siteground website design
I hope you enjoyed these Siteground website examples. If you need help to design a website, make sure to request a free quote. I'm sure we'll be able to help you out!
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About the author

My name is Ralph de Groot. I love excellent web design. In fact, you can wake me up at night if you find an inspiring website. Besides writing on My Codeless Website I also love to read and travel.

PS: If you decide to purchase a tool I recommend, I get a small commission at no extra cost to you.


Checklist: 5 ways to make your Siteground website beautiful and highly converting

1. Don’t break the 5-second rule

The moment a visitor lands on your website you only have 5 seconds to make a good impression.

That’s 5 short seconds to convince your visitor to stay on your website – and don’t hit the ‘back’ button.

Make sure the text on your website is appealing and gets your visitor excited. Don’t waste the first 5 seconds of somebody’s visit with unnecessary fluff.

2. Don’t confuse your visitor with too many call to actions

Great call to actions draw the attention of your visitors.

That said, you don’t want your call to action buttons fighting for the attention of your visitor. Pick the most important call to action for that page, and go with it.

In case you want to show multiple call to actions anyway, make sure to give them a different design, with your primary call to action being the most notable one.

3. Design mobile-first

Last year over 52% of all the website traffic worldwide came from mobile devices.

More than half of the website visits are on a mobile device.

This percentage will only increase in the coming years, therefore the mobile design of your website is crucial for the success of your Siteground website.

When designing your website, think about mobile design before you build your desktop website.

4. Watch people using your website without telling them what to do

Once your website is ready it’s time to launch. Well, almost.

Invite some friends or colleagues and put them in front of a computer. Ask them to pretend to be potential customers and have them visit your website.

Now sit next to them, and don’t say anything (this will be harder than you think).

Do this with at least 5 people and learn from their behavior:

  • Did they follow the steps you expected them to?
  • Did your website load fast enough?
  • Was everything clear to them?

5. Collect real testimonials from real members

By now you probably realized social proof is extremely important when it comes to building a great website. Take it to the next level, and add testimonials from your members.

Don’t write them yourself, don’t ask your friends to write them. Everybody will feel something is off.

Want to go for the perfect score? Include video testimonials. Trust me, this will turn your website into a conversion machine.

Growth hacking: 3 powerful strategies to promote your Siteground website

1. Go viral with a viral give-away


You send your website to 5 friends. Who each send it to 5 friends.

Now these friends also send it to 5 friends.  Oeh la la! Continue this loop for a while, and your website is actually going viral.

Viral Loops is a referral marketing tool which helps you to explode your website with new visitors.

We’ve used Viral loops to create virality with multiple websites. It allows you to build a sustainable referral scheme which helps you to grow your website rapidly.

2. Use local SEO

SEO is a great way to attract local clients. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and helps you to get free website traffic through search engines.

Check out these articles about local SEO if you you want to learn more about this:

3. Do a press release

Yaiks! A press release? That’s not for personal website, right?

Well. It is actually. Journalists LOVE small businesses and the entrepreneurs behind them. It makes sense – if you’re at a birthday party, friends are probably always asking how your business is doing.

Everybody loves entrepreneurs.

Write a press release about a milestone your company achieved. It doesn’t really matter what it is your company did, just make it juicy and interesting.

Create a list of journalists and reach out to them. The key in this process is the follow-up. If you’re just sending them just one email you’re probably not going to have a lot of success. Remind them at least once within a period of 7 days.

Being featured by local news outlets actually is good for your SEO. The more websites mentioning you on their website, the higher you’ll rank in the search engine.


What makes a good Siteground website?

A Siteground should have a clean design, be easy to navigate and include a lot of social proof. Have a look at this page for great example websites.

How to create a Siteground website?

  1. Analyze the best examples on this page
  2. Make notes of what you like – and what you don’t like
  3. Design your own site with this drag & drop website builder

How much does a Siteground website cost?

A web designer will charge anywhere between $1800 and $4800 for a decent website. However, this article will teach you to do it yourself for less than $100.

What information is needed on a Siteground website?

Your website will need at least the following pages: ‘Home, About us, Contact, Timetable. To create trust with your visitor it’s important to show lots of pictures and videos of your classes.

You're now ready to get your Siteground website up and running!