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Best Mobile Templates of 2024 | 40 Instant Downloads

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Powerful Mobile website templates

Companies are shifting the adaptability of their websites for mobile use. This is in line with 60% of the world’s online population comprising mobile internet usage in 2022 alone.

This is expected to increase several years for years from now as newer versions of mobile phone batteries have longer life spans.

So here are the best mobile website templates you can choose from for your own.

1. Go On Template

You could use this Wix design as a starting point to make a mobile website that looks good and works well. Your website will reach new heights with its many background designs, icons, and picture masks. In all honesty, what else could you want? Try it out!

What we love about this mobile website template

  • Abstract design with a professional look a
  • WordPress compatible, easy to customize
  • Reliable color scheme¬†

2. Poly Template

The background aesthetic of this template has been skillfully executed by the web designer. I genuinely appreciate the professional yet approachable vibe of the pages! It’s also quite enjoyable to see the photos in order. Here, downtime never occurs. Ideal for mobile websites!

What we love about this mobile website template

  • Great homepage which will get a high conversion rate
  • WordPress compatible, easy to customize
  • Has parallax scrolling¬†

3. Altman Template

The template’s design is truly mesmerizing! I’m impressed by the way the designer expertly blends visually appealing elements with prominent call-to-action buttons and a captivating “Work With Me” section at the top of the page. Overall, this design is trendy and absolutely worth your effort and attention. Awesome work!

What we love about this mobile website template

  • Excellent springboard for discussing methods, reporting on developments, or providing guidance
  • Modern and professional¬†

4. Dato Template

Make use of this attention-grabbing design to generate a strong first impression. The carefully chosen background image, striking typography, and eye-catching buttons will inspire visitors to delve deeper into the content of your website. With the template’s overall intuitive layout, it’s remarkably easy to accomplish any task!

What we love about this mobile website template

  • Elegant and straightforward layout design
  • Perfect for promoting major activities because it has parallax scrolling¬†
  • Large-sized fonts¬†

5. Modern Template

This template is perfect for mobile enthusiasts because of its sleek design and perfectly coordinated color scheme! Moreover, the pages feature abundant blank areas, creating an optimal platform for displaying a wide range of content. Take a look at this one and give it a try!

What we love about this mobile website template

  • Perfect for displaying content
  • WordPress compatible, easy to customize
  • Lots of space¬†

6. Pirate  Template

While this design might seem too childish for a mobile website, it’s worth taking into account. The contemporary minimalism of the design makes it ideal for showcasing the advantages of your product, uploading videos, and disseminating crucial information to others. Awesome!¬†

What we love about this mobile website template

  • Well-organized template
  • Minimalist design¬†
  • Exciting background image

7. Printa Template

Differentiate your website from competitors by providing it with a unique and recognizable character. For those who appreciate an exquisite design, a harmonious color scheme, and generous room for their pictures, there is no need to search any longer. Try this one today! 

What we love about this mobile website template

  • It gives a distinct identity
  • Straightforward design¬†
  • Harmonious color scheme¬†

8. Boost Template

This template radiates a powerful aura of professionalism in every aspect. The designer made an excellent choice by selecting shades of blue, which gives the pages a vibrant and reliable appearance. When it comes to the arrangement, you’ll be delighted by its impeccable organization.

What we love about this mobile website template

  • Innovative design
  • Professional vibe¬†
  • Balanced color scheme¬†¬†

9. Socialight Template

Utilize this fashionable, innovative, and visually appealing web design template to make your site stand out. I believe it’s incredible that they have a unique space for showcasing photographs! Give it a try and observe the level of creativity you can achieve with this design.

What we love about this mobile website template

  • Trendy, cutting-edge, and aesthetically pleasing web design template
  • Has a one-of-a-kind gallery for displaying finished products
  • Organized design for your material¬†

10. WeDu Template

This beautifully designed template with a soft color palette is a fantastic option for showcasing the mobile products available from your company. There is no additional cost for using any visual and symbol. Feel free to give it a try at this very moment!

What we love about this mobile website template

  • A unique template that stands out¬†
  • WordPress compatible, easy to customize
  • Pastel hues¬†

11. Vista Template 

This template enables you to swiftly and effortlessly create a cutting-edge, polished mobile website displaying your expertise and products. The visual appeal is incredibly calming, featuring a plethora of soft hues and stunning visuals. What are you waiting for? Try it now. 

What we love about this mobile website template

  • Adaptable
  • Clean website template
  • Cool color palette¬†

12. Clics Template

Even though this template was created for a business initiative, a bank may easily modify it for its website. Take advantage of this particular option to showcase your content, as it boasts a vibrant color scheme that will mesmerize your viewers. I encourage you to give it a try and observe the outcome!

What we love about this mobile website template

  • Easy to adapt
  • Space for CTA and unique selling points
  • Lively color palette¬†

13. Axis Template

This template exudes a strong sense of professionalism in all aspects. Despite its simplicity, you will find yourself captivated by its visually appealing color palette, which is both alluring and gentle on the senses. The designer effectively utilized negative space, leading to a polished and aesthetically appealing look.

What we love about this mobile website template

  • Great for location info
  • Fantastic layout
  • Clean and inviting typeface¬†

14. Gomobile Template

Clean and professional, this Wix template’s layout makes your provided content a breeze to digest. If you’re looking to make your mobile website¬†stand out in a unique and innovative way, this is the perfect option to consider. Witness it firsthand by examining this.

What we love about this mobile website template

  • Great for full-screen backgrounds
  • Professional to look at – excellent color scheme as well!
  • Clean and professional¬†

15. Hello Template

The Hello template appears quite straightforward and vibrant. If you appreciate simplistic aesthetics, this is the ideal choice. I am confident that your visitors will find it effortless to navigate through your website as every detail is concise and to the point.

What we love about this mobile website template

  • Straightforward
  • Simple aesthetic
  • Concise details

16. Analyti Template

The color scheme and graphic illustrations of this template give it a contemporary appearance. If you’re looking to showcase your products in an exciting manner, this is the perfect choice! The designer ensures that you have a layout that is guaranteed to boost sales.

What we love about this mobile website template

  • Professional to look at¬†
  • Exciting graphic illustrations¬†
  • Modern appearance¬†

17. Soundbeam Template

If you’re in search of a website with a relaxed vibe, this is my top recommendation. The color pairings are quite balanced, making it ideal for creating an informal environment. Furthermore, the backdrop visuals are captivating. Great! Give it a go right away!¬†

What we love about this mobile website template

  • Relaxed vibe¬†
  • Neutral color scheme¬†
  • Captivating background visuals¬†

18. Tripo Template

If you have a fondness for web pages that showcase stunning visual images, delightful color palettes, and classy fonts, check this out! You will surely have a great time browsing through this one as it offers seamless navigation, guaranteeing that readers can effortlessly move on to anything without any trouble.

What we love about this mobile website template

  • Entertaining design¬†
  • Amazing illustrations¬†
  • Easy navigation¬†

19. Space Alien  Template

If you like simple designs but still looks entertaining, this is perfect you! I’m sure you’ll adore the vibrant background colors as they bring a captivating touch to the pages, ensuring they are always appealing and never dull. Furthermore, the personalized illustrations are absolutely fantastic! You must take a look at this.

What we love about this mobile website template

  • Simple but entertaining¬†
  • Stunning visuals¬†
  • Seamless navigation¬†

20. Zozzo Template

The template’s background color sets the stage for a serene atmosphere, while the lively graphic illustrations sprinkled in every corner inject a burst of excitement. If you’re in search of a website that’s as visually stunning as it is eye-catching, then look no further! This one is the perfect choice for you!

What we love about this mobile website template

  • Serene vibes¬†
  • Ideal layout for obile games¬†
  • Looks professional and creative¬†

21. TechShed  Template

If you’re searching for a way to offer your website visitors a quick and customized experience, this Wix template is a fantastic option. Everyone will surely be captivated by the captivating color scheme, elegant layout, and mesmerizing font. Instantly create your ideal mobile¬†website with this amazing tool!

What we love about this mobile website template

  • Smooth browsing experience¬†
  • Lots of whitespaces
  • Vibrant colors¬†

22. Ez Template

The visual appeal of this template is enhanced by the background images utilized. If you’re interested in displaying your mobile brand and products, this is an ideal option! The arrangement of the images is excellent, enabling each customer to admire the display. Moreover, the typography is aesthetically pleasing!

What we love about this mobile website template

  • Nice visual appeal¬†
  • Interesting background images¬†
  • Appealing typography¬†

23. Casies Template

I must say, I am thoroughly amazed by this template! The vacant areas managed to achieve a tidy and organized look for the pages. Furthermore, the prominently showcased image at the top leaves a lasting first impression! Overall, it’s worth considering giving this a shot!¬†

What we love about this mobile website template

  • Tidy and organized look¬†
  • Colorful pages¬†
  • Great image placement¬†

24. Dr. Tech Template

If you’re a fan of mobile websites, you’ll adore this template! The arrangement is meticulously organized, creating a feeling of organization and balance. In addition, the pages are filled with contemporary fonts that add a hint of style. What an incredible result!

What we love about this mobile website template

  • Tidy and organized look
  • Organized layout¬†
  • Simple but good¬†

25. Russo Template

This Russo vibrant website template is a great way to display a large body of your content in a dynamic format. With the Wix Video App’s in-strip framework, you may highlight any mobile photograph you want! How cool is that? Go on, try this one! Mobile websites have been engaging for awhile now. Join the trend!¬†¬†

What we love about this mobile website template

  • Dynamic format¬†
  • Animations perform flawlessly¬†
  • Excellent Wix Video app in-strip framework¬†

26. Carr Template

This Carr Wix template is modern in its layout and looks great. This design is just perfect for a mobile website. Trust me! The superb design and typesetting make publishing new content simple! In addition, the whitespaces give room for your visitors to breathe despite the overwhelming number of mobiles you’ll surely display.¬†

What we love about this mobile website template

  • Exceptional appearance
  • Excellent layout¬†
  • Amazing typesetting¬†

27. Fashionisu Template

If you want to create a dynamic mobile website, I am certain you will benefit from using this layout to publicize your products, attract new clients, and spread your promos. This catching design of this Wix template will surely captivate new and interested visitors. Give this one a try! 

What we love about this mobile website template

  • Catchy design¬†
  • Well-functional¬†
  • Amazing typesetting¬†

28. Kane Template

Bringing your mobile website to life has never been easier than with this professional, comprehensive Wix template. The design’s large, captivating photos can grab customers’ attention! With that, you can put all your mobile products the way they deserve without overwhelming the viewers!¬†

What we love about this mobile website template

  • Large, captivating photos¬†
  • Professional looking¬†
  • Eye-catching color hues¬†

29. KAAX Template

I suggest using this template if you want to make a lasting impression. The layout gives you a chance to display your mobile products appealingly. I must admit, the video portion on the homepage can be a great way of hooking customers to scroll down. Give this one a chance and you’ll see.

What we love about this mobile website template 

  • Large, captivating photos
  • Professional appearance¬†
  • Eye-catching color hues¬†

30. Kane Template

This template can give you the vibrancy you’re looking for. The color choices give every corner the life it deserves. In addition, the images are positioned appealingly to make your visitors see them one by one without a hurry. Overall, this one looks professional and can help you with your mobile website.¬†

What we love about this mobile website template

  • Great image placement¬†
  • Easy navigation¬†
  • Vibrant color choices¬†

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