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How To Change Author in WordPres

How To Change Author in WordPress – Ultimate Guide (2022)

Do you want to know how to change author in WordPress?

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How To Change Author in WordPress


Occasionally, you may need to change or update the author of a post. The good thing is that this is possible without needing to copy and paste everything onto a different account.

First things first, you can only change the author if that person has already been added to your WordPress account. It should be noted that to add a new user, you must have Administrator privileges.

To add a user, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Sign in to WordPress.

Step 2: In the left sidebar, select “Users.”

Step 3: On the “Users” page, click “Add New.”

Step 4: Fill in the relevant information and then click “Add New User.”

Now that new names have been added, here’s how to change the author in both WordPress editors.

There are two completely different WordPress editors for writing content.

The old classic editor was a text editor with styling buttons like Microsoft Word.  

Then, the block editor has blocks that you can use to create content layouts by adding them to the edit screen. Each item you add to your post or page is referred to as a block.

You can include blocks for each paragraph, photographs, videos, galleries, audio, and lists, among other things. There are blocks for all major content elements, and WordPress plugins can add more.

How To Change Author in WordPress Block Editor 

When WordPress 5.0 was published in 2019, the old classic editor was replaced with a completely new block editor termed “Gutenberg.” The block editor changed the way people created content in WordPress.

Here’s what you should do. 

Step 1: Click on “Posts,” then “All Posts.”

Step 2:  Select the post whose author you wish to change and click “Edit.”

Step 3:  In the right sidebar, select “Document.”

Step 4: Under “Status and Visibility,” look for the author’s name. 

Step 5: To change the author, use the dropdown menu.

Step 6: To confirm the changeover, click “Update.”

How To Change Author in WordPress Classic Editor 

In the classic editor, follow these steps to change the author to another user:

Step 1: On the top-right of the page, click the “Screen Options” button.

Step 2: Check the “Author” box.

Step 3: Scroll down to find the “Author” box beneath the post.

Step 4: Change the author and hit the “Update” button.


Changing the author’s name could be a change of heart or other personal reasons. Nonetheless, it is possible to accomplish such shifts. I hope you got everything you need to change an author in WordPress, whether it’s for Block or Classic editor!