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Hotjar Statistics 2022 – 17 Key Figures You Must Know

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1.  2,864,162 websites use Hotjar worldwide. 

Hotjar is a simple, visual tool for discovering, consolidating, and communicating user needs.

2. 879 websites in the Philippines use Hotjar. 

3.  1,130,106 currently live websites use Hotjar. 

4. Hotjar is trusted by 900,000 websites in 180+ countries!

5. 56,549 users signed up for Hotjar in May 2022. 

6. Hotjar has helped 143,088 teams improve alignment and build the right features.

7. 5,750 product managers discover insights in Hotjar weekly. 

8. 6,400 designers discover insights in Hotjar weekly. 

9. 6,000 researchers discover insights in Hotjar weekly. 

10. Over 6.6 million people have left feedback about Hotjar. 

11. Hotjar began as a people-first, self-funded, fully-distributed company in 2014.

12. Hotjar has 200 employees working remotely throughout Europe, the Americas, and Africa.

13. Hotjar employees work 40 hours weekly but have complete control over their time and productivity.

14. Hotjar has a free 15-day trial—no credit card required.

15. Hotjar retains data for 365 days from the date of capture. 

This applies to all accounts and plans. 

16. Hotjar’s revenue is $25 million.

17.  Hotjar is most commonly used by businesses with 10-50 employees

Hotjar users are mostly found in the United States and the Retail industry.

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