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Best E-commerce Checkout Pages 2024 | 14 Inspiring Examples

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My name is Ralph de Groot. I'm the founder and author at My Codeless Website. Wake me up for a great web design. I love writing about website examples, too! 

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A checkout page is a page(s) on an e-commerce store that deals with payment and shipping/billing information. Customers can submit payment information and finalize their orders on the checkout page. If you’re into checkout page web design, I’ll show you the Best E-commerce Checkout Pages in 2024! Take a look at these 15 inspiring examples.

The best E-commerce checkout pages of 2024.

The e-commerce checkout page is the most important part of the Marketing funnel. It is where consumers pay for a business’ product and must, therefore, be easy to understand and convenient for them.

While it must be effective for the seller. Otherwise, that e-commerce website—hopefully, not yours—will just be a part of the estimated 70% of checkout pages abandoned by online shoppers without completing the order.

Let this listing on the best e-commerce checkout page inspire you to make a successful e-commerce checkout page!

Best Carousel Website Examples



IKEA is known for innovative, cost-effective design, so it’s no surprise that its checkout process is enjoyable from start to finish. This is for you if you’re into a simple/hassle-free checkout. Select the item you want, and just go to your cart without creating an account! I cannot emphasize this enough: never require clients to create an account or register before completing a purchase. Customers are inconvenienced by this extra step (or steps), which slows them down and eventually causes them to question whether they want to proceed.

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Ira Pavlona - Model Website Examples

2. Superfoods 


Superfoods Company has used pop-ups to reduce cart abandonment.  They show a pop-up advertising free treats if consumers finish their checkout in 5 minutes. Isn’t that creative? Exit intent pop-ups are a last-ditch attempt to entice a departing customer. You can accomplish this with clever copy or discounts, including limited-time promo vouchers on the exit to entice consumers to make another buy. If they still decide to leave, you can offer them the opportunity to sign up for updates or newsletters.

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Bohemia Design - Carousel Website Examples

3. Walmart


Customers can complete their transactions without registering with Walmart. This eCommerce store has broken the one-page checkout process into three stages so that customers do not have to fill out a single long form. Isn’t that convenient? It also alerts the customer if they enter incorrect data. Overall, you can order at Walmart with no difficulties at all! 

Ohh, and they also recommend stuff that goes perfectly with your chosen order! How helpful! 

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Mercedes AMG - Carousel Website Examples

4. Flo Living 


The Flo checkout page is simple, making it easy for repeat customers to check out. The website is designed to be user-friendly, with several drop-down choices, autofill functionality, and a simple checkout procedure. Overall, Flo has created a checkout page with such care that you have adequate information but aren’t overwhelmed by it.

The easier you make your clients’ checkout procedure, the more tempting it will be. Remember that your primary goal is to provide a convenient, transparent, and accessible approach. Continuously refine the process, deleting extraneous processes and form fields and streamlining it to be as fast and efficient as possible.

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Netflix - Carousel Website Examples

5. ZARA 


Zara is recognized for its clean design, and the checkout page is no exception. Zara’s checkout page is as simple as the brand, with only a few form fields and a GMaps drop-down option. The drop-down location charting sticks out. This not only helps customers to provide their information quickly, but it also makes it easier for delivery partners to locate the address.

Pro tip: a checkout process should be clean, transparent, and with few distractions. Remove any additional distractions that may divert the customer’s attention from the checkout process. Remove the header and footer, menu options, and any other unnecessary buttons to keep clients on track and focused on completing your conversion funnel.

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Carousel 3 - Carousel Website Examples

6. Nike  


Nike has a minimalist three-step checkout website. When you fill out a form, you’ll see a green checkmark if your input is acceptable and an error notice if it isn’t. You can choose from various payment options, which is an excellent tactic for increasing conversions because it allows customers to choose their favorite way.

Just like Nike, try to provide many payment alternatives to customers, putting the major payment methods first. The more payment choices clients have, the more likely they are to finish their purchase. Begin with big suppliers to allow most clients to use a payment method, then extend as your business allows.

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Caitlin Christine - Model Website Examples

7. Best Buy 


The strongest feature of Best Buy’s checkout page is its simplicity. It merely requests shipping and contact information. You can then go to the payment page. Best Buy has segmented the checkout process across many pages to reduce confusion and clutter. Users can also check things as visitors or sign in to an account.

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Laura Granja - Model Website Examples

8. ASOS 


ASOS has a sophisticated checkout system. This checkout page’s step-by-step process is quite user-friendly, and it also looks great on mobile devices. The page has a four-step checkout procedure. It can be enhanced by integrating the delivery address and method into a single step.

If you want a checkout page design like ASOS, provide a progress indicator as it indicates where the customer is in the checkout process while also illustrating the full-step process. This allows clients to see where they are in the process, how many steps remain, and an estimate of how long the process will take.

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Barbara Lim - Model Website Examples

9. Samsung 


It should be no surprise that, as a top technology brand, Samsung’s checkout page is at the forefront of new and optimized checkout solutions. The page includes many important trust signals for customers making large purchases and accepts various payment options.

Display trust signals, badges, and seals prominently to provide clients with peace during checkout. Displaying these during checkout gives clients confidence in the platform and its security. Customers are unlikely to finish a purchase at your store if they do not believe their financial and personal information will be kept secure.


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Victoria Togoe - Model Website Examples

10. Glossier 


Glossier’s checkout page is user-friendly and employs a creative inquiry style. The web designer knows how innovative style keeps the checkout process easy and informal, preventing clients from being overwhelmed by too many data entry points at once.

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Cindy Prado - Model Website Examples

11. Currys 


Currys’ checkout page is another excellent example of an optimized design. The checkout page has thought of all the nuances that make up a fantastic purchase experience, from splitting the money to scheduling a certain time and hour for the order’s delivery.

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Ciana Newman - Model Website Examples

12. Quip 


Quip’s checkout page is a multi-page checkout flow that is geared toward both subscriptions and one-time payments. What’s intriguing is that they also provide gifting features and allow you to fill in several addresses simultaneously, as well as delivery options.

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Gigi Hadid - Model Website Examples

13. Tommy Hilfiger 


The checkout page design by Tommy Hilfiger is both beautiful and legible. The order summary area displays simple information for users, such as tax and delivery costs. The back-to-top button for simpler navigation is one of the two features of this page checkout. Furthermore, a donation area encourages visitors to give back to the community.

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Taoheed Bayo - Model Website Examples

14. Omega 


Omega has ensured that its checkout page matches its sleek and modest online identity. The checkout page is clear and free of distractions, and the one-page process makes it simple for customers to check out.

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How to Create an Excellent E-Commerce Checkout Page 

Now that you’ve seen 15 visually appealing e-commerce checkout pages, I’ll teach you how to create one effectively! 

Converting browsers into actual buyers is one of the most difficult difficulties for an e-commerce shop. Your e-commerce site’s checkout page is crucial in making it happen. The checkout experience influences consumer satisfaction and, as a result, how likely they are to return. Here are some tips you can follow to ensure an excellent outcome. 

  • Allow guests to check out.

From a functionalist standpoint, you must give clients the option of registering or not registering. Forcing your consumers to make an account is a terrible idea because many customers may not want to spend the time and register for a website if they are unsure if they would ever order again. 

  •  Make use of a simple, uncluttered design.

Leave all of the attractive designs and images for your website. Just include a basic version of your header and footer. This will ensure that the focus is solely on the checkout process. Simpler designs keep customers’ attention focused on the checkout procedure.

  • Prioritize mobile-friendliness.

Any current e-commerce checkout page design must be mobile-friendly. Ensure the design is responsive when creating your layout and using call-to-action buttons

  • Do not request needless information.

Limit yourself to the absolute needs. Collect only the information you need from the consumer, avoiding unnecessary stages and optimizing the process. 

  • Provide appropriate payment methods.

It is always advantageous to accept as many different payment options as possible. However, providing more methods is costly. Prioritize the most popular techniques initially, then broaden your alternatives as your company expands and scalability becomes viable.

  • Have a preview order.

A preview order page allows your consumer to double-check his ordered products. It is advantageous to have options for editing or deleting individual products so that the cart can be readily adjusted. If there was an error in the order, removing the entire cart and starting over could be inconvenient. Make this step simple

  • Get decent WooCommerce Hosting.

WooCommerce hosting is a hosting solution tailored exclusively to your WooCommerce website. Set up your online store with ease! Get top-tier security, speed, and performance backed by a knowledgeable customer support team. Your web hosting provider will manage your server, ensuring that your WooCommerce website remains operational. 

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WooCommerce is the obvious choice for millions of businesses globally, with over 5 million active downloads and over 2,500 five-star ratings.

WP Engine offers e-commerce plans for every type and size of WooCommerce site! With WP Engine’s web hosting platform, you get a WooCommerce-optimized package designed to help your store reach new heights. 

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e-commerce checkout pages have been part of every seller’s journey. Whether they want it simple or extravagant, a checkout page has been a vital part of online selling. I hope the 15 inspiring examples above help you visualize your future layout! 

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