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Can You Go to Jail for Looking at a Website? 

Can You Go To Jail For Looking At A Website? What To Avoid From Being Imprisoned

Can you go to jail for looking at a website? Hmmm, maybe! Maybe not. Find the answers here if you’re interested!

With many syndicates operating organized crime through the internet, governments of various countries have set up their regulations on how peace and order can be maintained locally. Any person violating those regulations—including innocent netizens—can go to jail for looking at a website if they are not wary of what to avoid when surfing online.

Could internet searches get you arrested / land you in trouble?

Definitely! Internet searches can get a person arrested when it is related to criminal activity. Several searches could get the attention of law enforcement and can get one in trouble or imprisoned. 

What should you never Google or search on the Internet? says that child pornography, terrorism, murder, and illegal activity are words one should never Google or search on the Internet.

 1. Child pornography

Although pornography is legal in some countries, child pornography is regarded as a crime globally. Searching or accessing websites containing such content will get you into trouble.

Many law enforcement agencies and organizations monitor and track the activity of child pornography online and can easily trace you. This is especially true since these websites automatically download images into your computer or gadget. The mere fact that these images are in your computer or gadget without you downloading images yourself already constitutes possession of child pornography in some countries or American states like Texas.

Google searches generate algorithms that will be tagged to one’s computer so that the right advertisements appear whenever one surfs online. Accessing a website with child pornography will then make a person’s Google ads of similar content. Thus, best to avoid searching about this, much like avoiding plaque.

2. Terrorism

Another thing to avoid searching online is bomb- or weapons- creation or assembly, as well as the composition of bombs and weapons of war. This is another online activity that federal agents regularly monitor. Thus, one must avoid it to protect oneself from getting into trouble.

 3. Murder

Searching on how to commit homicide or how to end human life can get one imprisoned. This includes searching for ways to commit homicide or murder. Avoid it at all times, not even for a prank.

 4. Illegal activity

Many things can be classified as illegal activity online, which may be include accessing websites banned in one’s country, such as those owned or linked to organized crime rings, those that provide access to copyrighted material or content, and those that provide information the government does not want its citizens to access.

5. Other illegal activities 

This can include websites that show how to hack a government website or database or how to get away from committing a crime. The Dark Web is an example of an illegal portal because it provides criminal services like hiring assassins, selling contrabands, and purchasing counterfeit currencies or money.

Phishing or fake websites are also samples of websites with illegal activity because they purposely were created to get an individual’s financial or confidential information when visited or accessed.  While downloading copyrighted content such as movies or books is considered illegal download and can get a person imprisoned.

Does Google spy on you? 

No. But they can collect the searches a person performs online for their advertisers to identify which advertisement is appropriate to the said person.

Can Google searches be tracked or monitored by Google or by the Police?

According to EEZLaw.Com, Google does not provide a person’s search data unless law enforcement agencies request them. However, the police and their radars are vigilant and actively identifying illegal online activity and those engaged, especially Dark Web users.

Does Google report illegal searches?

Google does not report illegal searches but may report illegal activity, particularly related to child pornography, when demanded by a court order.

Westfallsellers.Com says that the National Security Agency tracks searches since the laws on online behavior are not always in black and white.

Will the police come to my house for one illegal Google search?

No. One’s Google searches remain to be confidential and private unless the police already suspect one’s online activity and have acquired a court order to do so.

Westfallsellers.Com explained that particular web searches are considered a legal offense. An example is “child pornography downloads,” which would automatically be an issue against “child pornography statistics.”

However, a search done by someone who has already been accused of sex crimes, such as “is it illegal to search for child pornography,” remains alarming in law enforcement agencies’ eyes.

How to know if a website is illegal?

It is not easy if the website a person intends to access is illegal or not, such as phishing websites. However, if a website contains content or provides activities like those mentioned above, that website is considered illegal. Websites that are also part of a country’s banned websites are considered illegal for that particular country.

What happens if you visit an illegal website?

In most cases, such as in China and North Korea, where they control the internet and the online behavior of their citizens, accessing illegal websites means imprisonment, even if done for only one instance.

Can you get arrested for watching porn?

Again, watching porn is not illegal in most countries, like the United States and the United Kingdom. What is illegal is watching child pornography. Avvo clarifies that pornography is considered illegal when it contains individuals under 18.

Verywellmind identifies five negative effects of porn addiction on mental health, which includes hindering one’s productivity, reducing sexual satisfaction, and diminishing a partner’s self-esteem.

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