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Best Aesthetic Website Templates of 2024 | 37 instant downloads

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Are you looking for the best aesthetic website templates of 2024? I’ve got you covered! ūüėĄ

After months of thinking, planning, and discussing the moment is finally there. It’s time to build an aesthetic website.

Many people invest TONS of money to build the perfect aesthetic website. But I’ve got a better idea for you. Use what’s already out there.

Use a pre-made aesthetic website template and customize it to your preferences. Are you ready to start your adventure?

Let’s dive into the best aesthetic website templates of 2024!

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37 best aesthetic website templates of 2024

1. Barley Template

If you’re looking for a way to present your work that manages to look professional without being too complicated, this is the perfect template for you. Your writing will be presented in stunning boldface that will astound your audience. Test it out and see whether it suits your tastes.

What we love about this aesthetic website template

  • Modern and sleek in appearance
  • Beautiful boldface¬†
  • Ideal for displaying content¬†

2. Louis Template

This clean, modern, and engaging layout design provides you with plenty of areas to showcase your previous work and reflect your own personality.  The use of whitespace was vital in creating a visually pleasing layout that did the content justice! 

What we love about this aesthetic website template

  • Eye-catching layout
  • Appealing color scheme
  • Engaging design¬†

3. Tony Template

This awesome template is perfect for all sorts of writers. Tony makes it really easy for users to find stuff on it, like past projects and contact info! The designer totally nailed it with a design that’s super accessible for everyone, whether they have impairments or not! I’m loving this.

What we love about this aesthetic website template

  • Accessible and well-designed
  • Fresh and contemporary¬†
  • Ideal for all sorts of writers¬†

4. Rider Template

You gotta see this rad Wix template to show off how awesome you are! The pages are super lively because of the marvelous color scheme. As you scroll down, you’ll dig the chill layout because you can totally read every little detail without feeling dazed.

What we love about this aesthetic website template

  • Well-made template layout
  • Easy on the eyes!
  • Pages are lively and engaging¬†

5. Fields Template

This template has a super cool video layout that will totally grab your visitors’ attention. You should totally check out this one if you’re into visual presentation and want to show off your personality. The design looks really nice and it’s not too much at all.

What we love about this aesthetic website template

  • Excellent video layout
  • Accessible and functional¬†
  • Ideal if you’re into visual presentation¬†

6. Eps Template

If you know that clear and concise communication is crucial to your company’s growth, then this is the appropriate template for you. This eye-catching, full-color, and professionally designed layout will create an impact. This content-focused design is ideal for introducing yourself and your services to potential customers!

What we love about this aesthetic website template

  • Perfect for copywriting and marketing
  • Eye-catching layout¬†
  • Lovely color scheme¬†

7. Hart Template

Check out this awesome Hart template! It’s perfect for flexing your qualifications, work history, and educational background on the web. The pages look sharp and professional, so you’ll look good. Also, the fonts are used really nicely to give it an authoritative vibe.

What we love about this aesthetic website template

  • Can help you showcase your qualifications easily
  • WordPress compatible, easy to customize
  • Perfect for flexing qualifications¬†

8. Carr Template

I have no concerns about recommending this aesthetic temple to you because of its cutting-edge design and exceptional appearance. This layout works wonderfully for any copywriter. You can easily update, promote, and disseminate your work with the help of the Wix!

What we love about this aesthetic website template

  • Exceptional appearance
  • Excellent layout¬†
  • Cutting-edge design¬†

9. Mayer Template

This template may seem neutral, but it’s got everything you need to make a super cool website. The color hues are super attractive to look at, which is a major plus! Also, the small photos are great if you want to focus on the content but still want to¬†add some visuals.

What we love about this aesthetic website template

  • A great way to emphasize skills and experiences
  • Slick and colorful design¬†
  • Cool shapes from all corners¬†

10. Cash Template

This Wix design is fantastic, and I know you’ll agree!¬†The palette¬†is gorgeous. The designer really nailed it with the gradient color scheme for the website. Absolutely works if you care about presentation. In addition, it has a neat design that will do justice to your material.

What we love about this aesthetic website template

  • It was made with the “link in bio” in mind
  • Vibrant color scheme that attracts the eye¬†
  • Palette is gorgeous!¬†

11. Holden Template

Use the cool Wix template to show off your awesome copywriting skills, the services you offer, and the companies you’ve worked with before. The layout design¬†is well-designed, which totally boosts your chances of success by making you look trustworthy and expert-like.

What we love about this aesthetic website template

  • Professional-looking
  • It has all the features to promote yourself professionally¬†
  • Well-designed layout¬†

12. Nelson Template

If you want a cool way to kick things off, this awesome resume template will totally make you stand out. It’s got a sleek color scheme and a design that’ll catch everyone’s eye.¬† Get started and make any changes you need to the text and images!

What we love about this aesthetic website template

  • All-inclusive template
  • Refreshing color scheme¬†
  • Appealing CTA buttons¬†

13. Decker Template

Using this aesthetic Decker template, you may promote your copywriting profession. Thanks to the straightforward design, you’ll have fewer issues and be up and running more quickly. In addition, the modern font style will pique the interest of your readers. To self-publish, you must edit the content and photos and create new covers.

What we love about this aesthetic website template

  • Sleek and contemporary design
  • Modern font style¬†
  • Ideal for showing photos and video clips¬†

14. Griffith Template

This cool design will totally make your work stand out. You can totally use the Wix Blog to advertise your books, get input from readers, chat about what’s going on,¬†and spread the word about upcoming hangouts. It’s a pretty cool platform for all that stuff!

What we love about this aesthetic website template

  • Dark, classy template
  • Great for promoting books¬†
  • Perfect for advertising!¬†

15. Clark Template

This template is super easy yet professional at the same time. The homepage looks pretty organized and gets straight to the point. If you’re into keeping things simple, go with this one. Minimalism always makes a website look awesome. Give this one a chance!¬†

What we love about this aesthetic website template

  • Beautiful, aesthetic appearance
  • Wonderful layout¬†
  • Homepage looks good and inviting¬†

16. Matthews Template

This design is great if you want your website to look professional and neatly arranged. With its thoughtful design and abundance of white space, the content was much more enjoyable to peruse. Make good use of this one! The process of making your website, no matter what sort of writer you are, has never been simpler.

What we love about this aesthetic website template

  • Easy to edit
  • Has areas of the site specifically for biographies
  • Spacious layout¬†

17. Copywriting Template

This template provides excellent visuals for various personal and professional uses. If you placed greater importance on substance rather than eye-catching visuals, this is the ideal choice. The design arrangement is expertly crafted, making it ideal for any copywriter!

What we love about this aesthetic website template

  • Stunning nine-page template
  • High-quality images¬†
  • Big, bold fonts¬†

18. Pieces Template

This design style is super clean and modern, with awesome use of white space to make important stuff stand out. In addition, the images on the homepage were made way cooler by adding some visual flair. Overall, this is awesome. What are you waiting for? 

What we love about this aesthetic website template

  • Enticing to look at which can help gain more subscribers
  • WordPress compatible, easy to customize
  • Awesome use of whitespace¬†

19. Castillo Template

This template will allow you to showcase your exceptional work with flair. Your photos, particularly if they’re large and striking, will appear stunning against the stark white background! Use the sliding gallery to display some of your best images! Give it a try!

What we love about this aesthetic website template

  • Minimal design
  • Perfect for large images¬†
  • Lots of whitespaces¬†

20. Priston Template

The template is amazing. The high-quality photos and stylish typefaces will wow your site’s readers. Overall, the design is modern and exciting. The background images also do a wonderful job, both practically and aesthetically, of matching the mood of the text. Amazing!¬†

What we love about this aesthetic website template

  • A fresh start for designing a website
  • Has all the features to promote yourself professionally¬†
  • High-quality images¬†

21. Nespola Template

Make an impact with your best work by using this aesthetic, bright template design. Wix’s orange color palette will give your agency’s website a positive, upbeat vibe, which is exactly what you want! Do you not find it delightful? Try it now and notice something amazing later on!¬†

What we love about this aesthetic website template

  • Bold and bright template¬†
  • Upbeat vibe¬†
  • Ete-catching, vibrant colors¬†

22. Rogers Template

The Rogers template stands out because of its vivid colors, laid-back design, and simple language!¬†It’s easy to get in touch with you thanks to the contact form and brief biography included. Adding interaction and flair to your actor website is surprisingly simple. Don’t hesitate to put it to good use!

What we love about this aesthetic website template

  • Bright colors
  • Casual layout with concise language¬†
  • Laid-back design¬†

23. Morgana Template

If you want to get your acting career off the ground, this is the sleek and modern template design for you. Displaying your resume, recent achievements, and photos here will be awesome. They really stand out thanks to the minimal design and bright color scheme.

What we love about this aesthetic website template

  • Cutting-edge design
  • Natural color scheme¬†
  • Modern layout¬†

24. Heads Template

This Heads Wix template is a clean canvas waiting for your own unique design to be imposed over it. It’s the best way to build a modern, eye-catching actor website that reflects your individuality and skill. The layout’s soft colors and beautiful photos are quite calming! 

What we love about this aesthetic website template

  • Exquisite photographs
  • A blank canvas just waiting to be filled with your imagination¬†
  • Amazing collage at the beginning¬†

25. Train of Thoughts Template

Despite being packed with texts and whitespaces, this template is surprisingly decent. If you like simple layouts, this is the one for you! Even though there isn’t much happening, you can still present your content attractively. Make the necessary changes immediately!¬†

What we love about this aesthetic website template

  • Easy to build a blog and share everyday happenings
  • WordPress compatible, easy to customize
  • Ideal for copywriting purposes¬†

26. Pop Template

If you’re looking to build your brand, advertise your clothing, or attract a wider customer base, this aesthetic design is the perfect option. The pages contain ample whitespace, providing an ideal canvas for showcasing any desired content without overwhelming visitors.

What we love about this aesthetic website template

  • Easy to navigate¬†
  • WordPress compatible, easy to customize
  • Lots of whitespaces¬†

27. Romanos Template

I’m thoroughly impressed by this template! The empty spaces succeeded in giving the pages a neat and aesthetic appearance. Moreover, the picture displayed prominently at the top creates a memorable initial impact! In general, it’s worth giving this a try for your desired website.¬† Don’t think twice about using this one!

What we love about this aesthetic website template

  • Lots of whitespaces¬†
  • Casual layout with concise language¬†
  • Excellent background image¬†

Want more aesthetic website themes?

Here are 10 other great aesthetic website templates you can use to build an aesthetic theme design!


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