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WP Engine CDN 

WP Engine CDN 2023 – Ultimate Guide

Do you want to know more about WP Engine? You found the right place! Here, I’ll share the WP Engine CDN 2023 – Ultimate Guide! But first, what is CDN? Any clues why it’s valuable these days? 

Your static assets will be distributed among different server locations worldwide through a Content Delivery Network (CDN) service. This brings static assets—typically huge resources like images—closer to users and speeds up their download. When there is a lot of traffic, your site’s weight is more evenly spread because a CDN distributes assets across numerous servers.

How does the WP Engine CDN work?


As previously stated, CDNs give web admins the ability to speed up the loading of their websites by utilizing a network of servers, each of which serves the clients nearest to it. Web admins can also benefit from CDNs’ increased peace of mind because they help websites better handle traffic spikes.

Advantages WP Engine CDN

Greater Dependability 

Internet reliability is not guaranteed, but web applications can function normally even during these turbulent times thanks to CDNs. They achieve this by distributing the network traffic burden so that no one server is overloaded.

Improved Performance 

Load times can be cut in half by using a CDN. Reducing file sizes, shortening the path content takes between storage and destination, and improving server performance all help achieve this.

Money Saved

Reducing travels to and from the origin server is the major method CDNs help website administrators save money. The origin server does not have to repeatedly supply the same material because CDNs cache a large portion of a website’s content and serve it from the cache. Instead, the CDN does this on behalf of the origin server.

Resistance to Assault

CDNs are particularly effective at protecting websites from distributed and denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. In these attacks, a website is targeted with massive amounts of unwanted network traffic to overwhelm and crash the website. CDNs are better equipped to handle high traffic volumes, including abnormal traffic surges from a DDoS attack, than a single origin server. They use this to maintain websites online even when they are being attacked.

Complete Availability

CDNs offer automatic server availability sensing systems with instant user redirection because assets are spread across numerous areas. As a result, CDN websites remain completely accessible even during significant power outages, hardware malfunctions, or network challenges.


You can scale your site more effectively using a CDN because it can handle higher visitor levels. Additionally, you can save money on hosting fees as you won’t have to switch to a more expensive plan if you sometimes encounter a traffic spike.

Now that you know how vital CDNs are, which brand should you trust? Have you ever heard of WP Engine?

What You Should Know About The CDN of WP Engine  

Regarding WordPress web hosting services, WP Engine is a great choice. It enables you to manage your site without difficulty, allowing you to focus your efforts on running your business. The platform is simple to use, has fast page loading and performance, and even includes customer assistance if you have an issue.

Overall, WP Engine is an excellent choice for managed hosting services because it allows you to focus on providing the best possible experience to your consumers. If you’re interested, here’s the pricing for your reference. 

WP Engine Pricing

WP Engine Hosting Plans

WP Engine provides 3 WordPress hosting solutions

  • Managed WordPress 

Managed WordPress hosting is ideal for both novice and seasoned WordPress users. WP Engine provides everything you need to start and develop your business, as its managed hosting plans are the most comprehensive. They have over 175,000 customers in over 150 countries and 1.5 million active websites on the platform. 

If you’re serious about improving the performance and security of your WordPress website, I highly recommend using WP Engine’s managed hosting solution. Run your site with the confidence that it is secure and protected by free SSL. Never overlook a WordPress core or plugin update. Investing in a managed WordPress server allows you to reinvest in the growth of your business.

$27 per month, click here to view available discounts

  • eCommerce Solutions for Woo 

WP Engine’s eCommerce plans enhance WooCommerce by transforming it into a finely tuned growth engine with up to 40% faster load times and up to 18% higher eCommerce revenues! Begin by creating your online store, adding products, and changing your payment settings whenever you like. Your WooCommerce hosting plan will stay simple after installation, allowing you to develop a one-of-a-kind digital experience.

$68 per month, click here to view available discounts

  • Advanced Solutions 

Advanced security, high availability, and dedicated services are available in enterprise systems. 

$600 per month, click here to view available discounts

Each hosting plan has five levels: Startup, Professional, Growth, Scale, and Custom. 
Startup: $22.50/mo.

The Startup package is the most basic option and costs $22.50 per month when paid annually ($30 if paid monthly). This bundle includes the following items:

  • 25,000 monthly visits
  • Monthly bandwidth of 50GB
  • 10 GB of storage
  • One site included

More information

Professional: $49/mo.

The Professional package is a good compromise between entry-level and high-octane performance. When paying annually, you get the following for $49 per month:

  • 75,000 monthly visits
  • Monthly bandwidth of 125 GB
  • 15 GB of storage

Stay on the most basic hosting plan if you’re unhappy with your current host, yet your site is already receiving too much traffic. In addition, you get a fairly good deal compared to the plans above and below. While its resource restrictions may not blow you away, WP Engine’s Professional plan offers the best bang for your cash.

If you pay annually, you can save $120 every year; otherwise, the monthly bill will cost you $59.

More information

Growth: $86.25/mo.

The growth plan is designed for fast-growing businesses and costs $86.25 per month. Here’s what you will get:

  • 100,000 monthly visits
  • Monthly bandwidth of 200GB
  • Storage capacity of 25GB

This plan is an excellent starting point for a developing business, and it may be some time before you need to upgrade. This subscription also includes 24/7 phone help as well as round-the-clock chat support. This addition will be useful if you have a difficult problem that needs to be resolved swiftly.

More information

Scale: $217.50

WP Engine promotes its scale plan as the most cost-effective choice. This one will set you back $217.50 each month. Here’s what you will get:

  • 400,000 monthly visits
  • 500GB of monthly bandwidth
  • Storage capacity of 50GB

This is a good alternative for a rapidly growing blog or business. In addition to the support center, you have access to live chat and phone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With annual pre-paid billing, you may save $580 or get two months free. 

More information

Dedicated Hosting: Custom pricing

The Custom plan may be appealing if you have a mission-critical website or a large corporation. This plan has the following benefits:

  • Monthly visits in the millions
  • 400GB or more of monthly bandwidth
  • 100GB to 1TB storage

You must speak with a sales representative to obtain a personalized price based on your needs. This plan also includes proprietary support if something goes wrong.

Each tier includes over 30 premium themes, free automated migrations, and daily backups. They all provide sophisticated security, free SSL and SSH, and one-click staging for making updates to your site. These plans aren’t cheap, but they come with a slew of features and enough capacity for your site to expand. This service is worth considering if you want to develop one or more major commercial or e-commerce websites.

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WP Engine CDN

WP Engine uses Cloudflare CDN to provide the CDN service that is part of each package. The same caching policies used by WP Engine will be used on the Cloudflare Edge network. Its collaboration with Cloudflare is critical to delivering the fastest and most secure managed WordPress hosting solution.

For those unaware, CloudFlare is a content delivery network (CDN). A CDN is a distributed network of servers that offers various benefits to a website: caching website content: By caching website information, Cloudflare improves page load speeds, reduces bandwidth usage, and reduces CPU utilization on the server.

Cloudflare’s design provides a comprehensive collection of L3-L7 network services accessible from a single dashboard. It is intended to perform every service across our global network on every server in every data center, so there is no need for any software or hardware.

Overall, Cloudflare DNS has reduced DNS-related support issues while also improving the stability of WP Engine’s hosting infrastructure. Today, WP Engine has approximately 4.7 million DNS records on Cloudflare DNS.

How to Setup a WP Engine CDN

WP Engine keeps things simple regarding CDNs. Any customer can enable the service by logging into their User Portal and making a few clicks. The integration process could take up to ten minutes to complete. It’s that easy!

Other web servers may also provide CDN integration, but you may have to configure it manually. This may entail registering with your CDN, configuring it to cache your server’s static files, and ensuring that all your WordPress articles point to the service (either manually or with a plugin). This is achievable, but it may require some time, unlike WP Engine, which does everything for you.

WP Engine provides access to a global CDN

WP Engine includes CDN services in all of its plans. Premium and Enterprise subscribers immediately receive up to 1TB of data for CDN usage.  CDN services are available in the Startup, Growth, and Scale plans. If you want faster load times, better dependability, and seamless scalability, set up yours with  WP Engine’s managed WordPress hosting options today!


WP Engine includes everything you need for a fast and responsive website. It provides more security measures than many web hosting services and maintains your site updated and handled for a low cost. Also, it’s unbeatable if you want to host numerous WordPress sites on a single subscription.

If you’re interested, you could contact its support team. WP Engine provides 24/7 support and allows you to contact customer service via the user panel by enabling the chat support feature. First, it links you with a support bot that provides solution suggestions. If none of these work, you can speak with an expert who will work with you to resolve the problem. While you wait for an agent to respond, you can use the ticket tracking system. All programs feature 24/7 live chat help, and higher-tier plans include 24/7 phone support.

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