Welcome to ConvertKit pricing 2023! Everything you need to know before you purchase ConvertKit is here. I’ll even include some creative ways to get the best deals right now!

#1 About Convertkit pricing in 2023

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#2 Is Convertkit expensive?

The way I see it, ConvertKit’s plans are budget-friendly like Mailchimp and Inbox

Aside from being affordable, ConvertKit also allows you to start for free with their 30-day trial, which is ideal for creators who are just beginning their online journey. It allows users to construct landing pages, sell stuff, and send emails to 1,000 subscribers without any charge! 

Is the 30-day free trial available forever? 

You bet! As long as you only have less than 1000 subscribers and don’t require any of the features included in the Creator or Creator Pro plans, then you’re all good. Enjoy the perks that come with the 30-day experience!

#3 What does Convertkit cost?

ConvertKit offers a 30-day free trial for new creators and two paid plans for added features and benefits. The two other plans are as follows: 

  • Creator – $15 /month for up to 300 subscribers
  • Creator PRO – $29 /month for up to 300 subscribers

Take note: The rates of both plans change depending on the number of your subscribers. If you want to check how much it is for you, answer the question below provided on the website.

If you’re too lazy to go to the website, I got you! 

See the prices below for your reference:

Up to 1000 subscribers
Up to 3000 subscribers
Up to 5000 subscribers
Up to 8000 subscribers
Up to 10,000 subscribers
Up to 105,000 subscribers
Up to 205, 000 subscribers
Up to 305, 000 subscribers
Up to 400, 000 subscribers
Where to buy?
$29 per month
$49 per month
$79 per month
$99 per month
$119 per month
$679 per month
$1279 per month
$1879 per month
$2299 per month
Try here
Creator Pro
$59 per month
$79 per month
$111 per month
$139 per month
$167 per month
$879 per month
$1579 per month
$2179 per month
$2599 per month
Try here

#4 What is the best Convertkit plan?

Honestly, both plans are excellent and helpful for every user! 

If you’re a creator who wants to start or build your business by utilizing powerful automation features, the Creator plan is the better option for you. With this plan, you can focus more on creating instead of spending lots of time on marketing. 

If you’re already established as a creator and want to take your business to the next level, you should choose the Creator pro plan. The plan offers high-level features, like subscriber engagement, advanced reporting, subscriber scoring, and more! 

#6 Email

ConvertKit connects you with your audience and helps you improve your business through email marketing software. If you need help in regards to email marketing, you should try their 30-day free trial immediately!

Here are some great things you can do if you decide to purchase later on:

  • Send well-made emails

For many creators, email marketing can be a stumbling block. Thanks to ConvertKit’s email designer, it walks you through the editing process so you can focus on creating your content, which is the most important aspect of an email.

  • Enjoy using easy email templates

You can make as many branded email templates as you want! Use your imagination to the fullest, and good luck with your email marketing objectives.

  • Clutter-free writing experience

With a streamlined interface, inline styling choices allow you to add links, photos, or videos to your email for a better writing experience.

  • Keep yourself out of the spam folder

ConvertKit has a 98% delivery rate and a good reputation with email providers, so your emails are more likely to show up in the inbox where they should be.

  • Earn a living doing what you enjoy

Convert the trust and relationship you’ve established with your target audience into sales. ConvertKit allows you to create funnels that automatically market your digital products to engaged clients and close the deal.

#9 Coupon Code

Honestly, it was hard finding such discounts because they are not promoted actively on the website. However, the fun never stops with ConvertKit.

Enjoy what I’ve found to your advantage!

  • ConvertKit 30-Day Free Trial

ConvertKit provides a 30-day free trial for up to 1000 subscribers. If you’re hooked, you might as well try it anytime! I bet you can make up something extraordinary enough to make your business prosper.

  • Get two months free

If you already have over 1000 subscribers, you can get two months of ConvertKit for free if you decide to pay it yearly.

  • Get 30 days of ConvertKit for free as a Masterclass participant

Sign up for a month free of the Product Creation Masterclass by being a participant! ConvertKit assists you as you sell your first product without spending a fortune.

  • Creator Pass!

The Creator Pass grants you full access to two courses absolutely packed with instruction and resources you’ll need to establish a business you’re passionate about. It comes with every free ConvertKit account.

#10 Best Convertkit Deals (Hacks)

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! Here are five creative ways to get some great deals for ConvertKit.

1. Use the 30-day free trial to your advantage

Build an audience the right way by taking advantage of the 30-day free trial! Allow yourself to fully grasp its features to make your email marketing goals come to life. Who doesn’t love freebies, right!?

2. Follow ConvertKit on social media

Make sure to follow ConvertKit on their social media accounts! Who knows? If you’re lucky, you might be the first one to encounter some great deals on their offered plans.

3. Choose to pay yearly

Usually, choosing to pay annually will save you more money in the long run. With Convertkit, you can get two months free if you select this approach!

4. Hunt for Black Friday 

Convertkit is famous for its Black Friday deals. Definitely have a look at their Black Friday page to see what deals are upcoming.

5. Subscribe to our newsletter 

Since I’m an official partner of Convertkit, I always get a heads up when there is a big sale coming. Want to know the first thing I do? Forward that email, haha! Click here to sign up and be the first one to find out!

#11 FAQ

This ConvertKit pricing blog will also answer some FAQs to help you if you’re feeling lost. You’re welcome! 

How much does ConvertKit cost?

Convertkit offers two paid plans for you to choose from, and the cost depends on the number of your subscribers. Here’s an example: 

Creator – starts at $9 /month for up to 300 subscribers

Creator PRO – starts at $29 /month for up to 300 subscribers

Is ConvertKit free?

It offers a 30-day free trial for you to try. Just start and see the rest for yourself. Good luck with that! 

What is the best ConvertKit plan?

Both plans are good for you to consider!  If you’re on a budget, I recommend choosing the Creator plan, but it depends on your demands.