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Blue Color Palettes – 10 Inspiring Website Examples 2024

Choosing the right color scheme for your website’s design can be challenging. Beyond listing the best website design examples, I thought it would be great to help designers one step further with a series of posts on color palettes! So let me start on soothing websites with a blue color palette!

After all, I love websites with a well-chosen color scheme! Colors give meaning and sense to what we see. It evokes emotions, affects perceptions, and draws action based on the experience created on a person. It would be an understatement to say that colors play an important role in design, business, and everyday life.

This is why I even have a color scheme generator to simplify website designers’ lives! Now, I hope this post and the succeeding ones after it will make web designers’ lives easiest!

The 10 Best Soothing Websites With A Blue Color Palette

Who doesn’t love seeing soothing websites? Most often, these are websites that have earthen colors.

The color blue is mostly used in business since it conveys that a company is reliable and responsible. It is often the color scheme used by financial companies, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions.

As such, here are the ten best soothing websites with a blue color palette.

By the way, feel free to use the color scheme generator to make your own blue color palettes. You can also use it to create new ones from any of the hues used in the post or simply use the color palettes here to make your life easier.

Blue Color Palette_Fleece And Thank You

1. Fleece & Thank You


On top of the list is Fleece & Thank you. This organization’s website wonderfully blends a cool pop of colors with hues of blue, making it soothing to the eyes.

The photo above the fold not only complements the color palette in use but also conveys the organization’s identity and mission.

The blue color palette in use–#B68C64, #0EA2DF, #D1D0C7, #6D9795, #000000—is as playful as the clients it serves yet maintains the seriousness of the organization’s undertaking. I love it!

Blue Color Palette_Azure Group

2. Azure Group


The Azure Group’s website uses simple but powerful imagery above the fold that emulates its identity and strength as an internationally-renowned financial consultant.

The website’s use of a blue color palette (#F1F7F9, #749DC8, #0A61C9, #064089, and #07326A) throughout its design is commendable.

It evokes a calming feel to those browsing its content and pages, which gives a sense of security to the company’s credibility.

Blue Color Palette_Graco Products And Solutions

3. Graco Products & Solutions


Graco is all about paint, which you can see in the beautiful splash of yellow (#EDB624) and blue (#0D3BC3) on the background image above the fold. This trusted paint company sure knows their colors well as seen in their website’s design.

The website’s design includes a mixture of complementary hues for its blue palette (#FAFAFA, #848EAB, #0F0E0F). It is matched with good call-to-action messages, a clean layout, and lots of white spaces. Overall, their solid design gives a soothing effect to the eyes.

Blue Color Palette_Tex Tech Industries

4. Tex Tech Industries


The earthen tones (#6E6D72, #97885C, and #60351A) paired with the shades of blue (#1A2234 and #F6F7F7) give a sense of warmth to this company’s website.

The blue color palette in use pretty much conveys a “human side” to this company, which is a global leader in textile research and products.

I love the clean design and the hover feature that was nicely-placed above the fold. It is a good example in using color in visual heirarchy, especially through its call-to-action messaging and buttons.

Blue Color Palette_Drone

5. Drone


This website’s “dreamy” look makes visitors feel they’re really above the clouds thanks to its awesome blue color scheme.

It’s a good choice of hues for its blue color palette (#FFFFFF, #EDF3FB, #CBE3EF, #5AA8D6, and #3A4163) brilliantly conveys a subliminal message of who Drone is.

The blue color palette sure did a good job of defining what “continuous integration” means since it visually blended well with the rest of the design elements used.

Blue Color Palette_Xero

6. Xero


Xero’s website is another great example of one that employs well-blended design elements. It has touches of playful hues for its simple design.

I love the great shades of blue used in this website, which are #FAFCFB, #B9F0F9, #78AEC6, #0379C7, #2A6D99.

Besides the cool blue color palette in use, the website also has easy navigation and a simple design.

Blue Color Palette_Florent Biffi

7. Florent Biffi


Unlike the previous examples, Florent Biffi’s blue color palette for his website is unique since it is used as gradients in the design. The effect, which is paired with a stylish font, is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

The consistent use of the blue color palette (#E9EEF9, #A0ACDC, #7182C7, #4A5DB5, and #2238A4) in the website and its design elements is also commendable. That and the free-flowing feel as one browses its content.

Blue Color Palette_The Depths Shell Reach

8. The Depths She’ll Reach


Now this is my favorite blue color palette so far! This blue color palette (#EFF7F8, #BBCED0, #819B9E, #739498, #5E8085) is true to the hues of the deep blue sea, which is the core of this website’s heartwarming story.

After all, it is in the deep blue sea that one experiences serenity—pretty much what its color scheme is all about. A well-thought of design and presentation of one person’s struggle to overcome depression and achieve self-mastery.

Blue Color Palette_TROA Agence Re Creative

9. TROA Agence (Re) Creative


This French creative communication agency effectively used a blue color palette to match other design elements such as fonts and photos.

I love the playful hues in its blue color palette (#C8A67B, #E6E4E2, #A4BBDD, #273267, and #37312B) that is paired with awesome font types!

I also admire the consistency of using the color scheme throughout the website event to the littlest of images. Not to mention the simple yet animated effects used.

Blue Color Palette_Blocksy

10. Blocksy


Last but not the least is Blocksy’s website. I find this a helpful website with a minimalist blue color palette design (#EFF8F8, #92B2DC, #3E7FE9, #125BFB, and #1953D6).

Similar to that of Azure Group’s, the Blocksy’s website employs a soothing feel to the eyes. It employs call-to-action buttons using the blue color palette, which are strategically placed in the design.

The website’s design is very simple but trendy—thanks to a good choice of photos, special effects, and non-conventional layout.

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