Are you looking for a Murlist review? Awesome!

Are you struggling to increase your email open rate? More than likely, your subscribers never get the chance to open your emails because they end up in the spam folder! You don’t want to have this going on for too long, do you?

So, today, in this article, we’ll review an automated email warm-up tool that claims to boost sender reputation and inbox health. This tool is called MurList!

What is MurList?

Let’s start this Murlist review by explaining what all the fuzz is about.

Murlist is an email outreach platform that specializes in sending unique hyper-personalized video emails. It operates around more than 2,500 real email addresses and algorithms, allowing you to improve your deliverability and generate meaningful engagement to your emails.

Murlist provides an easy-to-use solution to help you land in the inbox instead of spam folders. It was designed to help email marketers and sales teams improve their open rates.

Murlist allows you to:

  • Send unique video cold mails
  • Create drip campaigns
  • Attract new prospects
  • Clean your email list without losing conversions
  • Warm-up an email for cold outreach

Our verdict: ★★★★★

How Does MurList Work? 

Once you’ve linked your email account with Murlist, you can configure your email inbox to start warming. From the dashboard, you can set your email address to automatically start sending and receiving emails. When an email is sent from your address, Murlist will automatically open and reply to your email in the same way a real email would be engaged with. 

Warm-up emails are automatically swiped out from your main box, after being sent or received, so you can keep your email list clean all throughout the process.

Need to send marketing emails to prospects over long periods of time?  MurList lets you create drip campaigns that are automatically sent out on a schedule. With Murlist, you can create video emails, images emails, text emails, follow-ups, and delays.

Does murlist actually work?

So I tried Murlist myself. And actually, the results were quite amazing.

  • Within the first 7 days Murlist sent over 350 ‘fake’ email replies
  • My email openrates increased with 22% over a sample of 15.000 recipients

I’m stoked!

Murlist Pricing

MurList offers four main services namely: Email Campaign, Lead Engine, Email Warming, and Email Verify. Pricing details are as follows:

Email Campaign $15 per month $4 per 1,000 emails sent
Lead Engine Starts at $49 per month with 2,000 credits and unlimited visitor analysis
Email Warm-up $9 per month including all features
Email Verification Starts at $0.002 per verification for 5,000 verifications


When you subscribe to Murlist’s email campaign, you’ll get access to all features, including drip campaigns, image emails, unlimited text emails, free data enrichment on all your list, and smart sending of emails to prospects. You can try Murlist for free for seven days before signing up for a paid plan.

You can visit Murlist’s website for complete pricing information on all its features and services.

MurList Pros

Automates Email Warm Up

While it is true that you can manually warm up your email, you will need to send and reply to multiple emails every day. You might get exhausted even before you get to launch your cold email campaign. Once you connect your email account to MurList, you can set your email warm-up schedule, so it will automatically start sending and replying to emails for you.


MurList is relatively affordable compared to most email warm-up tools. For only $15 per month, you can send as many text emails as you want, plus add personalized videos and images for a very low cost. It is worth noting that most other similar software cost around $20 to $80 per month for their email campaign service. 

Unlimited Storage

With MurList, you will never have to worry about the size of your inbox again. Send and receive as many emails as you want, and interact with tons of interested leads as you desire. There is no limit to storing email in MurList!

24/7 Support

One thing we personally like about Murlist is that users can talk to their customer support team through chat 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Not all email warm-up tool providers have this feature!

Plenty of Integration

MurList integrates with literally any email provider, including your favorites, like Gmail, Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, SendGrid, Zoho, and Yahoo! Whatever email provider you’re using, you can connect it with Murlist.

Get Your Money Back

If, for any reason, you’re not happy with MurList, then you can request a full refund of your money within 60 days of using the software. This is just an indication that the tool was designed with customer satisfaction in mind.


Murlist Cons

Sending personalized media requires an additional fee

As mentioned earlier, you need to pay an additional fee of $4 for every 1,000 emails sent with personalized images and videos. While it’s not that costly, there might be some other alternatives that allow you to send personalized media for free.

No real people to handle your emails

MurList is a fully automated email warm-up tool, with no real people to man your email. Other similar software includes real people opening, responding, and engaging with emails.

MurList Tips

Leverage MurList’s Drip Campaigns

There’s a lot of room for customizations when creating drip campaigns with MurList. You can create unique text emails, use special tags for text, add hyper-personalized images, and upload a unique video.

Create an Email Folder

Your inbox can quickly get overwhelming. Use the filter feature to keep your inbox organized. You can label your emails as Primary, Skip the Inbox, Mark as read, Never sent to spam, Always Mark as Important.

Bottom Line

If you want to improve your open rates and email deliverability, you can get started with MurList. It is an affordable yet powerful email warm-up tool that can increase your trustworthiness in the eyes of your subscribers and email providers. It may have some minor downsides, but if you want your emails to become increasingly reputable, MurList can provide the best value for your buck.

Check our Murlist discount page, and see if MurList is right for you!


Our verdict: ★★★★★