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Marketing Internships 

Marketing Internships 2022 – 7 Things You Should Know

Are you nervous about marketing internships?

Don’t worry. You came to the right place!

Here, I’ll share 7 things you should know about marketing internships to help you prepare.

1.  Marketing is tricky

Marketing interns would be shocked to discover how marketing divisions exist.  Content, operations, digital marketing/production, and proposal might all be part of the same department, but they each perform something distinct and equally beneficial.

Trust me; there’s A LOT to understand. If I were you, I’d do some initial research to educate myself on the fundamentals.

2. There are things you can’t learn in a classroom

Working hands-on in a fully operational marketing department and obtaining real-life professional experience will enlighten marketing interns more than in a classroom. Interns will acquire information by accomplishing tasks, observing meetings, or chitchatting with coworkers.

3. Marketing internships help you prep

An internship is preferable since it will prep you for your future career. You will obtain real-world experience, make contacts, and develop a solid resume.

4. The average salary of a marketing intern is $12.68 per hour

A marketing intern’s typical wage will vary depending on the organization and the stage of the intern’s career. The industry might also influence the predicted pay. Some salaries range from $11.26 to $27.50 per hour.

5. Certifications are valuable

Certifications are not often required, but they might make you more eligible when applying for internships.

6. Every day is a new day

A marketing intern’s usual workday will vary daily. You could spend a day discussing marketing objectives, commenting on social media posts, or completing administrative duties. Since a marketing intern hopes to explore every facet of the work, they will shift from one area to the next.

7. No stereotypes here

The stereotyped intern adventure: going on coffee runs and being absorbed by ongoing work. Fortunately, it’s different now.  Today’s marketing interns have clever minds that produce fantastic ideas and duties related to the professional path they have selected.


Being a marketing intern is a delightful experience. Don’t let yourself down with the hardships. You can do this!