Free Course: How to Build and Promote a Highly Converting Business Website in 5 Days 🚀

Here’s what you’ll learn.

Day 1/5: The website checklist before take-off 🚀

  • Register your domain name
  • Get your hosting set up

Day 2/5: Web design which acquires new customers 🔑

  • Install WordPress
  • Install a theme
  • How to make your first pages
  • How to create a menu
  • How to set your homepage
  • How to make your website responsive

Day 3/5: Psst. Let’s steal the design of these high converting websites 🎁

  • Amazing example websites which you can ‘steal’ for free

Day 4/5: Sneaky conversion strategies to increase your sales 💥

  • 20 Conversion Tips Which Will Increase Your Sales With 731% 
  • The Perfect Product Page With 7 Consumer Psychology Strategies Stop Losing Revenue 
  • 5 Conversion Killers You Should Stop Today 
  • Return 98% Of Your Customers With Retargeting Power Boosts

Day 5/5: Growth hacking strategies which will flood your website with traffic 📣

  • 17 Viral Growth Hacking Strategies To Flood Your Website With Traffic 
  • 3 Blog Growth Hacking Strategies To Get Customers on Auto Pilot
  • Leverage Cold Email Hacks To Acquire New Customers For Free 
  • 4 Ways To LinkedIn’s Algorithm To Attract 9.553 New Visitors