From customer support to pricing.  ConvertKit is one of the most efficient platforms for email marketing.  

#1 Introduction to my ConvertKit review of 2023 

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Are you considering using ConvertKit for your email marketing goals? Or do you want to know if ConvertKit is worth its money? Welcome to my ConvertKit review of 2023.

You found the right page. I’ve analyzed the ConvertKit platform, and I am here to share my experience with you.

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#2 What is ConvertKit? 

ConvertKit is a new yet strong email marketing service provider that makes it simple for anyone to get started. In fact, it can help you expand your audience, support your community, and most of all, how to make a living online successfully.

With Convertkit’s easy-to-use email editor and strong sales funnels, you can build long-lasting relationships and market like a pro.

If you want to get started with email marketing, you can expect this platform to make your dreams a reality. The best thing is, you can begin right away for FREE.

#3 Pricing

If you’re just getting started, one of the factors that may be causing you to reconsider using ConvertKit is the cost

Well, I’m here to minimize your fears in this ConvertKit review. There’s no getting around the reality that they’re more expensive than other options, but you’re getting the best option there is.

ConvertKit offers a 30-day free trial for new creators and two paid plans for added features and benefits. The two other plans are as follows: 

  • Creator – $15 /month for up to 300 subscribers
  • Creator PRO – $29 /month for up to 300 subscribers

Take note: The rates of both plans change depending on the number of your subscribers. If you want to check how much it is for you, answer the question below provided on the website.

#4 How to install ConvertKit

Installing ConvertKit is quick and easy. Just follow the steps in this ConvertKit review to get started right away. 

Step 1: Go to ConvertKit’s website.

Step 2: Choose a plan for your goals and needs. 

You have two options to consider. 

If you don’t want to spend any penny, it’s alright. They got you. 

A free plan is a terrific option for creators with a growing audience. You may use it to make landing pages, sell things, and send emails to up to 1,000 people for free.

Step 3: Focus on your email marketing objectives!

Good luck with the rest!

#5 Ease of use

I’m happy to tell you that most of ConvertKit’s functions are simple to use, and the backend navigation is intuitive.

Overall, you can grow an email list, promote blog posts, deliver content upgrades, sell products/services, and more!

No difficulties included – just focus on your goals. 

#6 Ecommerce

Is ConvertKit suitable for eCommerce? Yes, let me show you why. 

I know how vital it is to foster relationships and build rapport with our audience.  

The good thing is,  ConvertKit lets you use opt-in forms to grow your community, create frequent touchpoints with emails, and cultivate your relationship with scheduled sequences.

Furthermore, with ConvertKit’s world-class audience growth and email capabilities, you can easily set up an automated sales and follow-up funnel to promote your product to the right folks. Pretty cool, huh?

What are you waiting for? Create a free account, add your first product, and you’re ready to go. 

#7 Features

ConvertKit has fantastic features you’ll surely love as a creator. As they say, whatever you make, make it KNOWN.

Check these out:

  • Send out well-crafted emails.

Email marketing can be a stumbling barrier for many artists. The good things is, ConvertKit’s email designer guides you through the editing process so you can focus on generating the most important component of an email: the text.

  • Utilize simple email templates to your advantage.

You are free to create as many customized email templates as you desire! Use your imagination to the utmost extent possible, and best of luck with your email marketing goals.

  • Clutter-free writing experience

With a streamlined interface, inline styling choices allow you to add links, photos, or videos to your email for a better writing experience.

  • Keep yourself out of the spam folder

ConvertKit has a 98% delivery rate and a good reputation with email providers, so your emails are more likely to show up in the inbox where they should be. Convert the trust and relationship you’ve built with your customers into profits.

  • Organize and understand your list of subscribers.

There’s no need to start again every time you start a new project. Subscribers are at the heart of ConvertKit. That means you can efficiently use tags and segments to categorize all of your subscribers from a single list. These allow you to learn more about your audience so that you can give them material that is specifically tailored to their interests.

#8 Customer service

Are you a fan of good customer support? 

If yes, then I’m glad to recommend Convertkit to you. 

Convertkit has all the support you need to resolve your problems. It has put together a support system to help you go back to doing what you do best. 

Since everyone has a preferred method of obtaining information, asking questions, and receiving assistance, use these options to quickly find the help you require from their team!

  • The Community 

By visiting the community Help Forum, you may instantly get help and support from the ConvertKit community. Every day, new questions are asked and resolved, so the answer you’re looking for might already exist! You can locate the solution you’re seeking by conducting a quick search.


  • The Knowledge Base

Convertkit’s knowledge base has everything you need to know about successfully using ConvertKit to expand your list and tell your story. Thanks to a nice balance of written and video material, learning the ropes is clear and accessible. The best thing is that Convertkit updates its knowledge base weekly, ensuring that you always have what you need to get stuff accomplished.


  • Email Assistance 

Gey your issues addressed by sending an email. The message icon can be seen in the community’s lower right corner and immediately within the app.

Overall, I must say that Convertkit’s customer support will make you happy and satisfied. The staff is present to communicate with you in any most convenient method for you! 

Everyone is always eager to help, no matter whatever path you choose, and is excited to be a part of your creative journey. 9/10! 

#9 FAQ

How many emails can I send with ConvertKit?

You can send as many emails as you like depending on the plan you’ll get. ConvertKit offers a 30-day free trial for new creators and two paid plans for added features and benefits. The two other plans are as follows: 

  • Creator – $15 /month for up to 300 subscribers
  • Creator PRO – $29 /month for up to 300 subscribers

The rates of both plans change depending on the number of your subscribers. If you want to check how much it is for you, answer the question below provided on the website. 

Is ConvertKit a good email provider?

Yes! With its email marketing features, you’ll indeed be seen in the email boxes of your target audience. Don’t forget to read everything in this ConvertKit review to know how awesome it’ll work for you!

Is ConvertKit a good landing page builder?

Just because landing pages aren’t a priority doesn’t mean they have to take a long time to make. With ConvertKit, you’ll be able to develop a landing page in under ten minutes. No kidding!

ConvertKit’s fully customizable templates were created by industry experts to capture the eye and develop email lists. These landing page templates can help you get your ideas out of the market in no time, whether you’re a newbie to landing pages or have design knowledge at your disposal.

#10 Conclusion

Don’t hesitate to try ConvertKit if you have some money to invest in your online marketing objectives.

I highly recommend this one and would love to see how awesome it works for you too. 

I hope you liked this ConvertKit review!