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The team of My Codeless Website has over 18 years of experience in web design and web development. We’re based in Utrecht in the Netherlands. Combined, we’ve created over 500 websites and have seen so many websites – we dream about them.Β 

About me

Hey there stranger, welcome! My name is Ralph de Groot, and I’m the founder of My Codeless Website.

10 years ago I built my first website, it was a website for a startup I was excited about. 10 years later, that startup is dead. But I did get something out of it – a true passion for web design.

In the years that passed, I got asked by many friends and family to help them with their website. And guess what, a few months later I got approached by more and more people. In the upcoming years, I was making a living as a freelance web designer. And it was great!

I’ve made so many websites throughout these years, I lost track at some point.

I do remember there was one thing that I was missing. Every time I built a website for a client, I looked for inspiration online. If I was building a website for a dentist, I wanted to have a quick look at how other dentists designed their website.

But searching for good-looking web design took me hours and hours. Then it hit me. I probably wasn’t the only one that needs some good web design inspiration.

That’s why I started My Codeless Website.

This blog is made for web designers and small business owners who want to build a new website or improve their current one.

Our team is based in Utrecht, in the Netherlands. On this website, you’ll find hundreds of blogs about:

  • Website examples
  • Website templates
  • Website promotion strategies

In other words, everything you need to know to be visible online.

Do you have any questions? Get in touch!

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Thanks for visiting our website!

Ralph de Groot (founder My Codeless Website)


Ralph de Groot – My Codeless Website

Ralph de Groot

Founder My Codeless Website


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Expert Web Designer and co-author


What our readers are saying

As an SEO specialist, I like to study similar websites of my clients. My Codeless Website helps to find best practices in the field. Thank you so much!

Thomas Buil

Freelance SEO specialist

When we developed the new website of our agency, we studied all website examples at My Codeless Website. Very useful, would recommend it!

Yvo Wander

Founder Marketing Agency

Whenever we take on new web design clients, we always check similar websites before we design anything. Thanks for building this resource!

Sjoerd Raaymakers

Web Developer